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We search for the favourite father

the Inhabitant of the Wedge situated near Moscow 19 - summer Svetlana was betrayed by the husband and have thrown the native. It remained one, without work, with a heap of debts and 3 - the summer babe on hands. When tiny Diana was born, Svetke was hardly executed 16 years. Newly made the grandmother from the grandfather have there and then divorced. The matrimonial love has passed for a long time, on the party petty intrigues were got. Quarrelled that day. And here still the daughter such balbeska as it was found out. A wedge - small town small. Oh also have condemned the maid! it is necessary, the young child, has not had time to end the ninth class and already in a hem has brought - one respectable neigbours gossiped. yes leave you the little girl in on - which, - others waved away. - at it and so in a family it is wrong . To Diana was not also month when they with young mummy remained one in apartment. The grandmother with the grandfather have parted on other houses.

and Svetka did not cry nearly with happiness. It did not let the small gentle girl - a slice of favourite Sashi! Ah, as she dreamt of this child. And what it was proud when has learnt about pregnancy. It seemed, now life will blossom, will change. After all it, Svetka, - young mum, instead of shirking algebra for the sake of the muzhik the young child! But, alas, beloved Sasha also did not think to help to raise the girl. Besides, it has got to any local sect and all scanty salary preferred to give to brothers on belief . And Diana and Svety has refused definitively and irrevocably.

- my beauty, my clear head, my comfort, - whispered Light at night to the daughter. - we will get out with you. We strong, the main thing that you are.

there were years. Light so it was selflessly nursed with the babe that gossips and a gossip have ceased. She tried very much. But the first year was necessary to live on credit. Then, as soon as there was a possibility to give to Dianochku in a manger, Light has got a job in trading tent. Money small but where still could invite the girl with elementary education and the small child on a neck. Svetlana was grateful and for it. Work in the Wedge - luxury. To be arranged difficultly. However soon the owner of tents was ruined. And Light remained in private with the growing up daughter, the yet not paid old and already appeared new debts.

she searched for new work, but, alas, did not leave. And then the girl has dared to take an extreme step - was converted behind the help to parents.

- was able to give birth - be able to live now, - the father cut off.

- yes I also am glad, but work is not present. Me do not take, because I young, because uneducated, because at me a daughter...

- you can not find normal work, go on the panel - the father has waved away.

mum Svetkiny of a problem too did not stir. The girl has understood what to wait for the help there is no place. Ah, if the native person though what if only strong loved it and the babe if only supported, helped existed... here it would be healthy, if we have found the favourite daddy - on - to the adult Diana sighs sometimes.

since then Light and it is interrupted with polomojki on the homemaker. The babe does not see months fruit. Debts it dream young mum at night... And recently in REU Light declared that debts on utilities have outgrown all borders and soon its tiny family should live by the light of a candle, without gas and hot water.

but while Svetlana keeps. Tries to survive. And still dreams to bring a daughter on the sea, dreams of love... Dreams that once there will be a person who will help it and a daughter to survive though most malostju though a kind word.

if you can render any feasible help to young mum and its daughter, write to them to the address: 141600, the Wedge, street of Kalinin, d. 13, sq. 24, Lebedevoj Svetlana Alekseevne.

This heading for people with kind heart, for those who in a status to respond to another`s misfortune. And more for those who has got to a heavy, unsoluble situation. Call by the leader of a heading Yaroslav Tankovoj to phone 257 - 34 - 35 or send messages on a pager 788 - 00 - 88 for the subscriber 131532.