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What for in capital paint lawns

On Friday morning the Muscovites going for work on Dmitrovsky highway, have been fairly excited. The lawn between a highway and a walking path had not on - autumn is poisonous - green colour. The first the local GAI officer has reacted to a scandalous thing of infringement of a blackout:

- That for a hogwash? Really Putin across Dmitrovka was going to go to Zavidovo?! And on divorce anything to us have not finished, - the inspector of traffic police has rushed off to report on the heads.

the public too has started to begin to boil:

- Have lived. Lawns paint, as in army... Satraps! The antidemocratic junta obviously prepares a military coup d`etat! - the pensioner was indignant an intelligent kind. Two concerned mummies for ears dragged at this time from unnatural greens of the kids which have intended proinspektirovat an unprecedented lawn to the touch and taste.

fears has dispelled hard worker Misha:

is a method new such. Hydrocrops. From the car big, like fire, on the earth pour a special mix. Water, glue, a paper, a paint and seeds. In the spring the grass will grow.

- and glue with a paper and a paint what for?

- Glue a paper to the earth prisobachivaet that seeds have not pecked a bird. And a paint for appearance.

beauty - as the pasted smile. Only birds are not afraid of it - to it, seemingly, and glue with a paper - food. And on open spaces of a modern lawn are grazed corpulent flocks pigeons and sparrows.