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36 cars have broken into MKAD

Morning of Friday for a long time those who had to go by northern part of the Moscow ring highway will remember. Such huge (on number of the cars which have got to it) road accident in capital was not the last some years.

There was it in the beginning of the eighth morning in that place where Ring the bridge crosses Moscow canal - between the Leningrad and Dmitrovsky highway. Legkovushka has suddenly ceased to answer the helm - it has simply incurred, as on ice. The next cars have started to be reconstructed, and it there and then led to sad consequences. As a result 23 cars have got to road accident on an internal part of MKAD.

under the similar scenario some minutes developed later events and on other party of a dividing barrier - on outer side Ring, all on the same bridge through the channel. On slippery road to two left strips 13 cars were beat. But also there, fortunately, too has done without victims. Tresnutye a bumper, the broken headlights and crushed doors - here, fortunately, everything, than was limited. But if to count, how much all it costs, it is possible to tell, how in known television advertising, - the insurance companies have got on money! As - in any way, and the insured cars on roads meets more and more. Spetspolk traffic police in which conducting there is all Ring, has thrown on clearing of failures all reserves. As a result already in ten mornings movement on MKAD has been restored in full.

the reasons of both failures employees of traffic police, according to preliminary data, name an icing of a road covering, non-observance of a high-speed mode and a distance many drivers. But whence ice there undertook? And GAI officers too respond to this question. It appears, in the beginning of the fifth morning on this site of road have passed water carts which have processed asphalt an anti-icing reagent. In some hours weather has started to change and under the influence of a wind on this bridge - and the bridge always above, than the basic part of road, was formed an ice crust. Probably, the situation was aggravated with the water which is under the bridge. Whether from it, whether from protivogololednogo a reagent - but ice taki was formed. And from - 36 cars were beat for it.

It seems surprising, but any truck or the bus has not got to this huge copper. Why? Yes because they go usually not on the left numbers, and on right and to average. Yesterday`s failure - a superfluous occasion not to climb with a cloth snout in kalashnyj a number, that is not to leave to trucks on Ring further the second strip.


Though employees of traffic police consider that failure that ill-starred protivogololednyj has provoked a reagent about which malignancy we wrote even last winter (besides traditional nesobljudeny a high-speed mode and a distance), actually education of an ice crust or maslopodobnogo coverings could provoke and water evaporations from Moscow canal. And also a strong cold wind which bridge highly lifted over a surface blew.

therefore we remind drivers that at lifting on the bridge, especially if it over a reservoir, no less than at descent from it, it is necessary to be especially attentive. It is not necessary to be dispersed strongly, as well as sharply to brake, and also quickly to maneuver from a number abreast. Forget about habit to go nakatom (that is to slide on neutral transfer) at whom it is. And on a broader scale it is time to change the shoes already in winter rubber - under forecasts of weather forecasters, within the next few days will be even colder.