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The Moscow performances: tickets are not handed over, protection is strengthened

To the middle of last week of concept theatre and war were as - that are absolutely incompatible. Well unless at Peter Fomenko`s Theatre played performance War and peace. The novel beginning . But here about military operations it is told more likely in iskusstvovedchesko - estetskom a context. Now these actions have stepped dusty kirzachami into a theatrical stage quite particularly and really...

a stage has shuddered, but has sustained. In days of act of terrorism any institution of culture did not stop work. An exception - a musical Chicago . However, its organizers can be understood - in the theatrical centre on Dubrovke three days were spent by the author of the Russian version of the libretto of a child of Phillip Kirkorov. Alas, later it has appeared in the list of victims.

tickets are. While...

Moscow gradually comes to the senses. Performances at theatres go in the planned mode. Though to three percent of the bought tickets all - taki surrenders in cash desks.

however, along with it the much bigger quantity of tickets is bought and reserved. And the main thing - on capital musicals demand too has increased in cash desks!

early there is a protection

Under our information, the quantity of security guards at all theatres and concert halls has during the last days increased twice. The press swears it - service of two capital MHATov, Lenkoma the Big and Small theatres, theatres the Satyricon and to it. Vahtangova. Security measures are strengthened and during representations of the Moscow theatres to which there are popular musicals. Here that Vladimir Tartakovsky - the theatre director of an operetta which scene play musical Notre Dame de Paris and " tells; the Underground :

- Already in the first days after act of terrorism on Dubrovke some measures us have been accepted - the quantity of protection has been increased, with all employees special instructing is spent. And on Tuesday we have held special meeting with representatives of FSB where, in particular, solved a question on installation of metal detectors.

so the favourite city can sleep easily. If the nervous system, of course, does not bring.

To Moscow, To Moscow!
foreign guest performers are not afraid to go to us

the Cuban singer Omara Portoundo whom with impatience the Russian music fans waited, has cancelled the Moscow concert. But, as organizers of action have declared, the reason of cancellation of a concert semidesjatidvuhletnej singers in any way directly is not connected with an act of terrorism in the theatrical centre on Dubrovke. All business in a hypertensive crisis which has happened with the singer after viewing of telenews.

In November, despite of everything, in the State Kremlin palace will pass festivals of the Italian music Stars the Dignity - Remo and Week of the French fashion and in SK Olympic will act eks - the vocalist of group Led Zeppelin Robert Plant. Afterwards behind them, in December, Moscow will be visited by the French singer Patricia Kaas.

Very soon to us there come with concerts outstanding jazzman George Benson and shock - roker Elis Cooper. Last even has made an official statement in which has told that to anybody on light not to stop fate - n - a beater as a whole, Elisa Cooper, in particular.

and Boris Krasnov, the producer of the American musical 42 - I street has sent in edition such letter:

the Musical 42 - I street - Russian - the American project. Our actors remember horror of events on September, 11th, 2001 which have found them directly on the Broadway, and feel the sincere sympathy for the Russians who have appeared in a role of hostages. We are solidary with our friends from the North - Osta also we endure their misfortune as the. After September, 11th the Broadway was not closed per day. Therefore here again we are not going to be closed. It is impossible to give in to those who wanted to paralyse all Moscow life. It is necessary to be more vigilant, but to cancel anything it is impossible!

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