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Why TV kills us?

one week ago (see the fatty from October, 25th) in a material As TV kills us... we have lifted a subject which as it has appeared, stirs readers even more, than journalists expected. We will remind that on the instructions of edition some our employees for days have stuck to screens also have counted up, how much murders, violence scenes, corpses, bad news has shown in this time a box . Figures have turned out simply stunning.

today we publish the first responses of readers - spectators on this subject. The majority of those who has written to edition, ask to call to account the people who are responsible for display of films on TV, and those who removes these films. We have called. And have still invited to speak on a violence subject on the screen of the psychologist and in public known figures of cinema, culture and a policy.

but conversation on it is not finished. Write to us. Be continued

Valery Todorovsky: so it is a lot of Criminal serials, because them to think up
Some reasons on which on our TV there are no films on peace subjects

really strange easier: in our loveful country with its pensive population ball on television correct not siropno - melodramatic, and it is rigid - criminal serials. Meanwhile at the beginning of domestic serial TV - such as we now know it, - there were attempts of manufacture of serials of all kinds and colours - criminal, soap comic.

there are some history: Cops for three copecks

At first were Cops . Television movies of a notorious cycle acted in film in a mode non - stop professional, but temporarily remained without work at cinema directors at the price of 10 thousand dollars for one simple series. Interiors in them were real. Furniture - peeled. Cars - domestic. Actors - little-known (at that point in time). Suits got on shooting from a case of the same actors. Success Cops on a root has undermined, apparently, firm true: on cinema money is necessary. It has appeared that is possible and at all without them. In process of telecapital accumulation on change primitive to Cops their more advanced colleagues - " have come; Streets of the broken lanterns the Agent of national security Destructive power ...

Removed for approximately same pennies melodramatic life Trifles have not given a similar numerous issue. And absolutely deadlock there was a branch begun comic Klubnichkoj . And after all with it should begin domestic sitkomy - television situation comedies...

there is some theory: Receive facts of life

we Will risk to assume that the criminal genre became the most demanded for the reason that spectators have learnt in it the extremely topical life. It is pleasant to become the witness of theft at the old woman of a string-bag with empty bottles in same as at you, an entrance, and also disclosings of this by the charming cop, thus in perfect security eating sauerkraut at itself on kitchen.

melodramatic action unlike the criminal cannot be developed on a dustbin or at the entrance painted by a green paint. Interiors here are desirable unreal, furniture - smart, and actors - otkrytochno beautiful. But, the main thing, action it - besides unlike criminal - should be developed not in life, and in a parallel reality. Only the most naive spectator is assured that the life boiling in the Brazilian serials, has though any relation to the validity. Creators domestic soap Genre persistently push stoskovavshihsja on a fairy tale of spectators that in the panel house ( life Trifles ), in a close five-storey apartment block ( the Moscow windows ), in a collective-farm stall ( Two destinies ) . Because of a close connection with not chewed reality soap serials also are doomed to semisuccess.

there is some practice: melodramas look women, and criminal films - all

About features of serial business we have talked to one of experts conducting it, the film director and the producer of TV channel Russia Valery Todorovsky. Under its management have been started Kamensk and the Brigade .

- With what, on - to yours, the fashion on criminal serials is connected?

- No fashion exists. For a long time it is time to understand: everything that is shown on the TV, is what wanted by the spectator. Well it is interesting to it to watch good and harm struggle, behind how - we will notice - kindly always conquers. Believe, if public wanted to look a melodrama, on all channels would show melodramas. A criminal genre - one of corner stones of serial TV of any country. The same as, perhaps, a comedy.

- but comedy serials at us are not present. And that are, - so it is better than them and was not...

- to shoot a comedy, other level of talent is necessary. People who could think up, write, play and remove it are necessary.

- that is to remove criminal history, the talent is not necessary?

- It is desirable. But spectator attention it is capable to keep and a plot. It essentially reduces risk of an art failure.

- there is an opinion that the reason of domination of criminal serials - in ease of their manufacture.

is not so. It is possible to speak About what industrial ease, if in each series a considerable quantity of film-making objects, tricks, pursuits...

- why in that case soap the genre at us is much less claimed?

- I to it am surprised. Probably, because the melodrama is guided first of all by women of advanced age, and a sound teledetective look all.

Alexander Mitta:
the Normal spectator will not run to shoot, having seen enough serials

- a leah Is necessary censorship on a TV screen, filtering terrible scenes?

- In any degree it is necessary. To take, for example, releases of news during tragical events in Moscow. Scenes of destruction of terrorists, blood-stained corpses have shown time 50 for a day! Here where horrors have many times over blocked violence at cinema.

- that is you consider, what criminal serials and films it is normal?

- On the one hand, it is possible to agree that the violence on the screen generates violence in life, and with another... Psychiatrists have a point of view that terrible events on the screen, to the contrary, help to remove an excessive emotional pressure. And the normal person will not run there and then to repeat seen in cinema!

Michael Kozakov:
Thanks to cinema the killer - an honourable trade

- on the screen it is necessary to concern violence display very carefully not to increase greatly these phenomena in life. If these scenes minister only end in itself of the director and are used as effective means, this means operates on consciousness of spectators, calling not the best instincts, and sometimes and ministering to the guide to action.

- the recent tragedy is an echo of what occurs on the screen?

- Anyway partly. All is interconnected. Please, the Washington sniper - the single. Thanks to a cinema the killer as the trade already, alas, does not call negative sensation. All it becomes a subject of romantic imitation of certain circles of spectators, maintaining their animal beginning.

Michael Leontev:
the Television does of people not maniacs, and idiots

- Tell, you forbid the children to watch TV. Why?

- Because of dullness of people from TV. a box it does not do of people of maniacs, them otupljaet! The most harmful products on the screen - not bloody horror films, and pokemony and every possible third-rate production of the West. It all the same what to take a cudgel and to beat the child on a head, and then to be surprised: that it it such?!

- insurgents, on - to yours, are not dangerous to spectators?

- the Serial the Brigade in my opinion, is much more harmful, because the attractive image of the gangster there is created, to imitate to which many will want.

Tragedy the North - Osta Many looked, a leah as cinema

Spodvignet of the spectator television on aggression displays? We have set this question to psychologist Denis ANDRJUSHCHENKO:

- the Television which in large quantities shows to the spectator cruel insurgents, creates the form of so-called illusory violence when corpses flock from TV screens at the person. The person starts to consider itself absolutely impregnable. Such train of thought deprives perception of a shade of empathy. The violence occurring in real life, remains for the person game, no more that. At the child, say, this dispassionateness raises aggression, and the adult calls dullness and passivity in the decision of own problems.

- there are examples?

- the Majority of people conceived that occurred, say, to hostages on the North - Oste absolutely easy, drinking houses tea. hostages - they to us strangers. We do not know them. They are not we. And with us as it seems to us, it does not happen never - so the televiewer thinks. As a result the person, it appearing itself in the real situation interfaced to violence and cruelty, it appears not ready to conceive a reality. It runs into a status of an emotional stupor - shock. And for children all that occurs on the screen, - on a broader scale model of behaviour, imitation. There is a hero, and it is quite allowed to it to pile stacks of corpses. And if it is allowed to Schwarzenegger, why and to the child not to try. And other contemporaries can quite descend for villains.

posudite, was not during the last years at us on television day that within two hours would not show violence scenes. Here also sympathise then with victims when to look at their crucifyings easily and habitually. All the same that at a film elaborate to look.

Three advice to those who does not want to grow dull from the TV

We has asked the psychologist to give some advice to spectators.

advice 1. Switch off the TV if has bothered to look at blood and corpses! At the sane person necessarily works the internal block which is shown in the form of natural disgust for murders on the screen. Important not to reconsider the TV.

advice 2. All is excuses that - de behind everything that the child looks, will not follow. If you the normal parent, are obliged to watch. Approach and switch off a film which is stuffed by atrocities.

advice to 3 (directors). Remove more films without blood and rapes. It is important to spectator to have a choice. If there is a worthy alternative, the normal person to look at mounts of corpses not begins.

to Ourselves it is bitter that we poison spectators!
Head of film display of the First channel of Anatolys MAXIMS responds readers

the Question Why on TV so many criminal serials? we have set to the person who is directly responsible for film display on the First channel and the producer of many serials ( Destructive power Border On that party of wolves ) To Anatoly Maksimovu.

- the Question of readers is quite correct. Ourselves are not pleased with figures which are given to us by sociologists. It seemed, we leave from a crime that this stage in the past. As, know, the teenager passes some stages: is fond at first of the weapon, then girls. We was thought that our audience has got rid of teenage complexes, but ratings speak about other. And with this financial reality we are urged to be considered. Certainly, this mass poisoning. And from consciousness that we participate in it, to ourselves is very bitter. But we try to supply detectives leaving on our channel, insurgents a positive social message. This only thing that we can do. Our principle: do not do much harm . Also I think, a difference between Special troops and the Brigade to spectators it is obvious...

Alexey Mitrofanov, the deputy the State Dumas (LDPR):
Acts of terrorism are made by those who has seen enough the Hollywood films

- Unfortunately, TV models many situations which then are reproduced in life. It is assured that those who has thought up attack on September, 11th, have seen enough the Hollywood films. And at us in Russia? It is known: so-called a control shot in a head it is taken ours bratkami and our special troops from the Hollywood films.

- as you concern a teleether?

- If I at random include any channel of TV the first minutes I can not distinguish at all: these are real news or a serial Special troops ? In ten minutes of viewing it seems that you work in a mortuary.

- and what you, deputies, do not let out then corresponding laws?

- to Establish percent of violence, admissible in a film? It is ridiculous! It becomes on - to another: from above The order should arrive. Look, as Stalin did: he during war did not allow to show films of calibre of a tape Clearing . Twisted Anton Ivanovich becomes angry Volga - Volga to support a normal spirit in the country! It is necessary to clean everyones Brigades . Well have got - brigades in life, brigades at cinema, brigades in news. They enter the country into depression.

does not terrorise only Culture
Who develops programs of TV and confirms their broadcast? I mean basically films. Around continuous murders, corpses, rapes, urodtsy. Really us does not suffice in the valid life of horrors and terror that it also in films to show? Here no mentality will sustain. The unique good channel is Culture . Here who competently approaches to repertoire.
Natalia G, Minsk.

the big washing is the same a seamy side
Good fellows that have mentioned this subject, it really sick the same as our telemagnates and leaders are scatter-brained. Unfortunately, you have forgotten about another to a seamy side - so-called a current - show . the Big washing Windows and the Big roll - a vivid example of total Americanization of our TV with all that it implies: vypleskivanie negative emotions on the spectator and its (spectator) debilizatsija.
Michael, 29 years, Kiev.

and if we like detectives?!
Well, you have counted up quantity of violence scenes on the screen. In number of yours suspects news have got also. To them that, now to show only plots about harvesting? As to serials, if they good (even a crime), the spectator looks all the same. You do not hold us for idiots, we will understand that to us to look!
Vladislav Ganushkin, Moscow. A leah

TV without murders is necessary for us?
Has hooked! I mean edition experiment. I TV dislike also the same the Brigade would be glad to switch off, but has been urged to look - members of household from it arts not to drag! But, maybe, ruin not on TV, and in our heads? A leah we will look where there are no shocking details?
Dmitry, Novosibirsk.

PosmotreL on freaks - wash down with beer!
Such sensation that to our telebosses someone pays extra for all these low-standard films. And all it still densely alternates advertising - drink beer foamy through a shot. Yes drink, drink - can not doubt. Respected if undertook TV, please, tell about authors and these producers superprojects from which toshnit from the first shots.
Elena Kuzovkova.