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After a film Relatives actors pererodnilis

the Film Relatives many consider not as Nikita Mikhalkov`s the best work. A pier, too small for such large master. However this picture - most national among Nikita Sergeevicha`s other films. Significant it and consequently that at cinema Oleg Menshikov here debuted. Svetlana Krjuchkova, on its numerous assurances, only on shootings Relatives on - to the present felt in a trade. And Nonna Mordjukova has played, in its opinion, one of the best roles.

as Mordjukova has fought with Mikhalkov

Already actors almost for all leading roles have been selected, already the film crew has left for film expedition, and Nikita Mikhalkov all could not catch the form of the future film in any way. Went, thought, something spoke in beard. And the group while sang - had fun.

But the work has only begun, extraneous conversations have been forgotten. Nikita Mikhalkov, still yesterday such nice fellow, has in a moment turned to the tyrant demanding from actors almost impossible. Therefore also there were on a set extreme situations. Once directly during shootings of Nonna Mordjukova has fought with Nikita Mikhalkov.

shot a scene where heroine Mordjukovoj runs on platform in search of the ex-husband. The close up of the suffering affliction person of the heroine was necessary to Mikhalkov. And in any way, in its opinion, the actress could not to build such expression.

- well - ka, enclose to it of stones in a suitcase that hardly lifted.

assistants execute the order. Mordjukova, hardly lifting a suitcase, with a suffering face continues to rush on platform. And again not that.

- Well, babulja, hard? And? I do not hear! To enclose, can, still? Yes, it is difficult to play to grandmothers the such.

the actress Here is how remembers that, what`s happened then:

- I have put tjazhelennye things and have directed to a carriage. Till now I can not understand, how Nikita has almost outstripped me and while I began to push a door, it has inserted a foot and a knee into an aperture. Does not start up. I pant, I see, as he has flown into a rage. Has stuck it from all force with a fist into a chest - does not help. Has seized by a shirt, fell down graceful pugovichki with overseas odorous odezhki. Here I a heel have struck on its knee and, having achieved nothing, have rushed on bed. Heart escaped from ears. Second it has stood silently, has then closed a door and has gone out.

and, probably, Nonna Viktorovna even would leave from shootings. But the thought that a film turns out good, has forced to continue shootings.

and the actress has reconciled with Mikhalkov in the same evening. Nikita Sergeevich itself has come to number to Mordjukovoj. Has left in a bedroom, calls her, and on cheeks - tears the river. Here and Mordjukova has not endured, has raised a howl. They have embraced, have stood so quietly. Also have gone to a film crew:

- Let all see that we have reconciled.

shooting of one more episode became a heartrending experience for the actress. Remember a scene when Mordjukova dances in cafe together with Bogatyryov? And so, this dance nearly did not become for Nonny Viktorovny to the last.

shortly before shootings the actress almost one and a half month provaljalas in hospital with warm insufficiency. However to admit that the woman " became old; Nonna Viktorovna did not want. Therefore, when Mikhalkov ordered to rehearse Mordjukovoj with the invited choreographer its dance, has gone, highly having lifted a head.

during rehearsal of Nonna Viktorovna, nature fond, has flown into a passion. And the beginnings so to dance, as if was not neither hearts of the patient, nor years lived. And only when dances have ended also all have dispersed, has suddenly felt: badly to it. Which vein opposite " has hardly limped to the girlfriend; Mosfilm . And already there, when around there was nobody from group, zaprichitala:

- Oh, I die, give more likely a drop!

has rescued the actress... Tragedy. Next day, when Nonna Viktorovna already thought over ways of a withdrawal from the next rehearsal, was found out that dances while are cancelled. It appears, the choreographer has had an accident and in the near future cannot rehearse. So dancings it was necessary to dance much later when heart has already calmed down.

as Oleg Menshikov have found in to the Chip

in a cinema Oleg Menshikov needs to consider as God mum Nonnu Mordjukovu. It it has got a picture of the very young student of Shchepkinsky theatrical school from hundreds photos.

- Nikita, and after all is thy hero, - has stretched a photo to the director.

Mikhalkov, having looked at a photo, has agreed. But when Menshikov all - taki have caught in corridors Chips it has amazed even worldly-wise Mikhalkov. On Nikita Sergeevicha`s indulgent question Well, we will work? the debutant has safely responded: Yet I do not know, I did not read the scenario .

the Film did not leave yet on the screen, and in a cine party the hearing has gone: Mikhalkov has found madly talented guy. To be to it a star .

As Nikita Mikhalkov became the waiter

all film removed in Dnepropetrovsk. And only for the sake of a party scene at restaurant the group has arrived in Pushchino where Nikita Mikhalkov already shot the previous pictures - Some days from life of Oblomova and the Unfinished play for the mechanical piano .

- In that hostel where we when - that lived, have just constructed restaurant, - Nikita Mikhalkov`s old co-worker and art director Alexander Adabashjan remembers. - From - for any bureaucratic delays restaurant yet have not opened, though inside all was ready to reception of visitors. There - that us also have let to shoot a scene with a banquet. In episodes all film crew played. We with Nikita were waiters, our operator Paul Lebeshev - the cook, one of visitors of restaurant - the guy with black short moustaches - actually the assistant to the director Tamara Kudrin.

at the same restaurant all group remained to celebrate the termination of shootings. So the tasty requisite - a huge turkey who is carried by on a hall by the cook, all drinks and appetizers - has been used for the designated purpose.

as altered a picture

the High name and Nikita Mikhalkov`s position have not protected a film from habitual cavils.

- Any strange film at you, - neponimajushche chiefs sighed. - at heroine Nonny Mordjukovoj the husband - the alcoholic, its daughter too it is uncomfortable. And the grand daughter - that, with strangenesses. More shortly, not Soviet all of them not Soviet, your heroes.

about one year the picture has lain on a regiment while the director cut out that one, other not pleasant piece. Made a copy of a scene with boys - recruits - the hint to Afghanistan was not pleasant. The scene with the runner should be removed in Kiev. It has appeared that stadium the Meteor on which there were windows of the apartment rented for shootings, is against any confidential factory. And well as the enemy will see a pipe a box ? So for the sake of one shot all group went to Kiev. And such moments was much.

- But it there was no heavy fight, - Alexander Adabashjan underlines. - Those years all pictures passed such careful selection, therefore we were not surprised. The most important thing that today, thinking of this film, I remember only the most good.

as Volume Sawyer became the girl

Svetlana Krjuchkovoj`s Daughter and - accordingly - grand daughter Nonny Mordjukovoj it was possible to play to small Fede Stukovu. The actor, which right after Relatives has acted in film in glorified it Volume Sawyer till now cannot understand: and from what it it managed so strange role?

- after all many girls, but Nikita Sergeevich participated in tests why - that has decided that I should play, - Feodor tells.

it is possible, the reason is covered that Feodor already worked together with Mikhalkov. To Relatives there was still a film Some days from life of Oblomova . Possibly, the director has decided not to push luck and to take for a children`s role of already checked up little man.

- I at all kompleksoval concerning the unexpected image, - remember Feodor. - and already with devchachimi with personal belongings by the end of a picture also has at all grown together. Probably, it because was worked simply amazingly. Neither to, nor after Relatives I never bathed in such kind and lovely atmosphere. Though to me then was only seven years, I remember all to the smallest details. Even the room of the hotel in which we lived in Dnepropetrovsk. Till now in memory that apartment where we ostensibly lived. It fronted stadium the Meteor where played Dnepr . Perhaps, since then I so love football. And it was still remembered, as Nikita Sergeevich learnt me to drive the car. I sat at it in a lap, and it helped me rulit. It was my first experience of driving. On a broader scale to me has carried, so all loved me! Both Nonna Viktorovna Mordjukova, and Svetlana Krjuchkova. And I tried to correspond to them, as a clever daughter and the grand daughter.