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Beautiful Throwing

In the ancient time it named the river the Sword. It is not necessary to follow ways of naive toponymics supposedly saw from hillocks sverkane the waters, reminding fighting weapon. The river not directly flowing, it zmeitsja, is twisted in abrupt coast. Most likely, “ the Sword “ - the name ancient, lost meaning nowadays and consequently a word have converted in “ to the Sword “ as though there are no masculine gender names - Don, Dnepr, the Cupid, Yenisei. Expounding of a new word too naive, say, rushes about Throwing. Well it is fine, important that the Sword - Beautiful. God knows who has put into circulation a good word. It allocates at once the river from a number of others, and already at the time of Turgeneva one of its heroes, Kasjan, speaks: “ There at us, on Beautiful - that on Swords, you will ascend on a hill, will ascend - and, My God my God, what is it? and?. And the river - that, both meadows, and wood; and there church, and there meadows again have gone... “ it is possible l, reading such, not to wish svidanja with the river? And I already which year, on days painting gold summer days, necessarily marked: “ And Beautiful Throwing “.

And here has reached. On ways to Efremovu (the Tula area), we some times moved the rather narrow river flowing between uvalov in opusheni of bushes and privodnyh of trees, flowing hasty and budnichno. After the journey it seemed faster mysterious, than very beautiful. And at the river Efremova, with anything especially without being allocated, the indifferent flew easy and as though to a city. Town-planners of the past have missed a chance, without having developed Efremov faced to the river (it well would decorate it). It costs to it as - that sidewise, without having become related, though on maps sees businkoj the dark blue thread which tail looms on the Tula earths, and zmeitsja a thread in the earths Lipetsk where - that near Lebedjani meeting Don. Rather narrow, with set of rifts, navigable Throwing never was. On it it is a little boats, and all almost wooden. Motor boat to inspect the river in its best places, my friends in Efremove have brought whence - that by the car. A boat, it is visible, so a long time on the river did not happen that at the motor, have hardly sailed away, the screw was lost. Lost, we tried to make out something in transparent water, but have given up as a bad job - we will float without the motor. On oars “ zhestjanyj a box “ to drive hardly, but we three together changed each ten minutes and have amicably blest the lost screw - could not fly by now, and as though on foot, slowly to walk on the river, admiring everything that has allowed to name its Beautiful Swords.

we float. Water pure, any dregs even on a rapid. It because flows Throwing in a canyon from tiled limestone. But you see white stones only occasionally on rifts where the current fast and is necessary to someone, having jumped out in water, to drag a boat for a chain in a small place. But there and then the river spreads ολ£ρξμ it is not known what depth. At coast you see water-lilies, a sedge. Under a brittle willow in a boat - leshchatnik in a raincoat and the rural boy with a nut fishing-rod. But the village, probably, close, at water is not present - is hidden where - that above, for flat stenoju woods.

coast at Swords high, about the six-storied house, but not steep, but smoothly cut, the same as at Vorgola flowing in these parts. But there flat coast cover only grasses with feather grass spangles. They opened, also it seems, here - here you will see above at a slope vasnetsovskih athletes. There and then wood as though on steps rises from water circles - maples, birches, aspens, oaks. All now in different shades of gold and a crimson dye. Bewitched tishinoju thickets are reflected in a water mirror, and ours β£ρελόνξε travel seems fantastic.

usually at the river one coast abrupt, another, inundated, - low, and at Swords, at it vertkosti, high that the left coast, right. Kruchi are replaced suddenly lugovinami, and with them that a wild pear from cherry colour by autumn foliage, a maple, blazing yellow fire, an elegant mountain ash bush. Are visible pogryzy beavers at water, by air continually the river cross loud sojki with wide, as oars, wings. And on one of glades the fox has suddenly come up from an underbrush and the village, puzzled with boat occurrence. We have stood. The fox does not escape, sits, observes - ears black, a belly white and red, any more on - summer spravnyj fur - just under colour of autumn. It was necessary to someone to move from us in a tin boat - the unpleasant sound breaks a fox from a place, and she has run, flashing between bushes. The huntsman, passing me oars, has noticed that fires of the past summer in woods to the north from the earths Tula have forced a large beast - elks, deer, kosul - to leave here, in woods at Swords. “ them became much more. The Same was in 1972 “.

it is curious that the heat which everywhere has lowered water in the rivers on metre and more, on the Sword has not affected at all - level of waters because of abundant of springs has not changed.

the stony bed of the river not only forms which - where bystrjaki, water here “ licks “ an ancient shell rock. It in Swords the especial. When you float, it you do not notice, but at a confluence of Don, tell, water colour considerably differs from the Don...

three hours we oars kneaded water. In an agreed place the friends, puzzled to ours nepojavleniem in time, have eaten to an ear and have drunk that it is necessary to drink near the river. When we, at last, have appeared on a rapid, the joyful wail was distributed: “ Are live!!! “... Burnt ryzhenky, as all around, kosterok. Hungry, we have snatched on the rests uhi and, having looked round, have gasped - “ capital “ beauty on Swords was just here where for us waited.

Having got upward, we have seen that was stored in memory turgenevskogo by Kasjana: hills, dark blue distances, and below, from height of the bird`s flight, opened exclusive beauty pojma. Wide meadows passed in wood, and the river in the middle was twisted. It here did inconceivable bends. In one place (near village Shilova), appear, it in the face of describes a cycle, and the huge field with alone grazed horse was similar to a fantastic loaf of bread. And the river from above was similar to silver grivna what ancient people ukrashenem put on a neck.

and distances... The delight of Kasjana is clear. In autumn space were seen vsholmlennye fields, in the autumn gilt a scaffold, small houses of villages, a churchlet and hardly the way Swords to Don was guessed in these open spaces.

every summer to a place where we stood, as to Volga Pl_su, there come artists and with insatiable greed, revelling in a charm of these places, exhaust paints. There was among them one local efremovsky the master - except Swords, did not wish anything to see. It put every summer tent near this kruchi and, eating a potato, bread and milk which hrista for the sake of it compassionately was cast by milkmaids. Tell, when years of the artist have put to bed and he has felt: days are considered, has asked to bring it in places treasured - to say goodbye from Swords.

our ancestors lodged not anywhere, they too were able to appreciate both conveniences of life, and appeal of a place. Beautiful Throwing - acknowledgement to it. On its coast many parking of thousand-year prescription and not such ancient are revealed. One of them - the Ipatevsky site of ancient settlement - has saved shaft of an earthen strong hold, and archeologists continually come back to local “ to crocks “ and to tips of arrows and copies. From this point the most picturesque panorama pojmy the rivers and hills forest-steppe chernozemnoj plains opens.

To the south shirotnogo currents Swords was when - that Wild field with aggressive nomads. Legendary vasnetsovskie athletes are an outpost on a way polovtsev (polevtsev - stepnjakov), instead of in so far times Beautiful Throwing was the border which transition on fords meant intrusion into Russian earths. To intrusions nest numbers. And consequently Russian earths near the Wild field almost had no settlements - razgrabljalis accidentally from the south. Visited the frontier earths only “ brodni “ - the people who had here “ bortnye uhozhai “ (places of collecting of wild honey), fish lovy, grounds of hunting for a beast. Vagrant these getters constantly risked to face the running armed gangs “ polevtsev “. And if the great number of predators, transition participated in attack Swords meant vtorzhene on the rendered habitable Russian earths. The message about it from a boundary was carried away immediately to Oka, and from it the alarm service notified Moscow: “ Go!!! “

Exile of predators for the boundary river (fords through the Sword were at all times in the same place where and now) meant victory. The broken army of Mamaja from a Kulikovo field drove to this line - in the Wild field to pursue stepnjakov it was difficult.

in serene autumn day we observed sunset in zareche. Shades from wood have fallen in I will understand Beautiful Swords. The shepherd has banished slowly the flock, blue at far horizon was condensed, but it was still visible hills, a scaffold, a village. Also Kasjan which have immortalised by that has told to the counter person with a gun and a dog was again remembered kind memory: “ There at us, on Beautiful - that on Swords, you will ascend on a hill, will ascend - and, My God my God, what is it? and?. “ the Person has often words to express something overflowing heart.