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On arena throw ruthlessly

Not only that on tatami there are almost all best judoists of the world so also in auditorium we for certain will see all the strongest this world that is the Russian officials, politicians, businessmen... God ordered to be lighted by him at competitions, after all the president of the country - the judoist . Last year on the tournament of Gran first in the history of a judo - at have gathered both Yury Luzhkov, and Valery Shantsev, and many other guests of honour, and here Vladimir Putin and have not waited. Will hope for its ward and this time!

this year as a part of the Russian national team Evgenie Stanev (60 kg), the prize-winner of the European championship Islam Matsiev (66 kg), world champion Vitaly Makarov (73 kg), as Lasha Pipija (81 kg), Dmitry Morozov (90 kg), the prize-winner of the Olympic Games and the champion of Europe Yury Stepkin (100 kg), the prize-winner of the Olympic games of Tamerlan Tmenov both the double world champion and the champion of Europe Alexander Mihajlin (both is 100 kg) will act.

As competitions will pass in circus between fights of judoists of spectators clowns, power acrobats, trapeze artists, jugglers will entertain...

the prize fund of tournament of 100 thousand dollars will be divided among themselves by winners. The meeting of superheavyweights of Alexander Mihajlina and Tamerlana Tmenova (a weight category over 100 kg) can become an ornament of Gran - at. In all kinds of struggle performance supertjazhej it is considered the most interesting. Besides not so long ago judoists began to struggle in a kimono of different colours. That even to teapots it was clear, who whom has thrown.