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Daddy Richard gets divorced from mummy

During this divorce case to parents of Sereny and Vinus Williams it is necessary to divide the considerable money earned by daughters (it about 200 million dollars), country houses, cars and so on.

Richard Williams was in a legal marriage with Orasene here 22 years, and in court the Palm - a scourge now sues for divorce. It was expected that 51 - summer mother of two daughters of Orasene will take the first step to rupture with Richard after it during quarrel on a country house in Florida began to threaten it with an air rifle.

however as the claimant Richard acts. Daddy Richard has declared that the spouse has left their joint house. Experts - lawyers believe that this statement is made for the purpose of preservation of the share from all huge incomes of daughters, after all under control 60 - summer Richard is at present more than half of all contracts.

and nevertheless Orasene names itself the adviser and the trainer Daughters, therefore she wants to receive a considerable share of mammon of the husband.

and in the meantime while parents divide affiliated money, daughters excellent acts (now they is the first and second rackets of the world) and earns still the big money. Quite probably that daughters can simply to send far away both parents.