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On Ren TV were got the Big money

In due time Igor Pototsky did very qualitative program the Big money on NTV. Thanks to this program it have remembered; many confirm, what exactly thanks to timely viewing the Big money could avoid different economic shocks.

since Monday the Big money will start to leave on Ren TV. But now transfer will be another. The author tells about changes.

is a daily morning hour program, it is information - analytical business - the channel. In it will be four releases of news. In one - news on a broader scale (not only economic), in the others - news from the financial, share, credit, currency and commodity markets. Intervals are filled by analytics. We will consider those or other events and to reveal tendencies.

- to whom in a head has come to create such morning channel?

- the Idea existed at me in a head of year approximately with 1997 - go. In the summer of this year of Ren TV has reacted to inquiries of audience to which such programs are interesting.

- it is heavy after all, probably, every day to conduct the hour program in the morning?

- Guess from three times...