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Tea together : five years of loneliness?

the desire of one of soloists of group Stasa Kostjushkina to begin actor`s career began the reason. Not so long ago Stas has taken part in movie tests for a new film of the Hatch of Besson about Elvis Presley`s life. The first stage of tests has passed successfully. And now a teapot (so for fun name soloists of group) not to feel the present teapot on a set, is going to study in actor`s skill in nju - jorkskom Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute . At this institute when - that Marlon Brandos, Merilin of Monroe, Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro studied. And now the school copes movie stars Al Pacino, Harvi Kejtelem and Ellen Berstin, and to get there uneasy.

to receive a place of the investigator, Stas has sent them the letter in which has told that he wants to reach in an actor`s field. For today a unique problem for Stasa of a steel of the obligation to producers and the colleague on group Denis. After all for an embodiment of this idea in life it is necessary to leave the Native land for long five years. As it can be reflected in collective creativity Tea together you can guess.

- I understand pressing forward of Stasa to express myself as the actor, - admitted the second a teapot Denis Kljaver. - I even have already reconciled that he can leave group for a year for shootings in a film of the Hatch of Besson, but lose the partner in group for five years I cannot. It too. Also I hope that Stas will think again and will understand that Tea together for both of us is something more than simply work.

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