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Amalia Mordvinova remains Goldansky

On a capital party hearings have spread: the family couple of Mordvinova - Goldansky gets divorced. Recently Amalia began to notice on secular parties one. And after all earlier she and could not live minutes without Alexander. According to Amalia, it strongly misses, if does not see Sashu of more than three hours. for us with Sashej to love - means always to want to be together, always to be interesting each other - Amalia in all interviews spoke. They even have together organised the producer company Theatrical business of Goldanskih which is engaged in manufacture and hire of performances. And when Amalias term has come to give birth, Sasha was present at occurrence of daughter Diana on light.

that has occurred between spouses, not clearly. Amalia categorically denies conversations on divorce.

- in our family all is perfect, - the actress has told to us, - we live in peace and friendship and is happy. And that I appear on any parties one, it not is yet an occasion to think that we disperse from Sashej.

by the way, in the interview to our newspaper (from 30. 03. 02) Amalia has given five advice to wives how to keep the beloved.

1. Do not demand to give itself flowers and to drive on restaurants. It irritates men. If very much want colours, grow up them in a pot.

2. It is necessary not to intrigue the man, and to interest. Silly women are preferred only by defective men.

3. In the house important not only to clean frying pans. The main thing - about what there will be a husband and the wife to speak in the evening when will come home.

4. If the man loves fishing, namojte to it zhivtsa. If hunting - tyre out to it an elk. If loves football - throw it immediately.

5. On any fronts with favourite do not leave.

that it has not turned out, as in that proverb, out of sight, out of mind .

Danko Singer Danko who was considered until recently as the exemplary family man has exchanged the wife for the sponsor

and words could not tell without the permission of the spouse, has decided to terminate conjugal ties. Unexpectedly for all it has collected the things and has moved down from the smart apartment acquired by back-breaking toil. In a month one of registry offices of Moscow will set the seals about divorce in Alexander Fadeeva`s passports (a real name of Danko) and Tatyanas Vorobevoj.

- I do not think that divorce will be heavy, - the singer speaks. - after all we did not have children. Most of all in this situation it is a pity to me not Tatyana, and the favourite kitten of Barsika who should to it be left.

one of the reasons of divorce of Danko names intolerable character of the spouse - circus actors: Tatyana worked until recently in circus troupe in Color parkway. While Danko lives at parents and, by its recognition, is the most enviable groom of Russia. However on competition with the speaking name Brides of Russia which has passed last week in Turkey, Danko has arrived accompanied by the sponsor. Aside brides which defiantly defiled by it in bikini, he even did not look. And all free time of Danko spent with the friend, the high pretty young man.

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