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Professor Leonid Roshal: Yes, I have shaken hands at a meeting with Baraevu. And differently it was impossible!

Leonid Mihajlovich feels sorry till now that at the moment of special action has left a recreation centre on Dubrovke. Has gone home to change clothes... Journalists around the Moscow children`s hospital 20 now gathers not much less, than last week round a recreation centre for Dubrovke. The children`s surgeon, world famous professor Leonid Mihajlovich Roshal tries to beat off from them but while it manages to defend only the right to be engaged in patients and to help the former hostages who are converted to the doctor as to the father native.

you of me the hero do not do!

- the professor, on hearings, you have already presented to the Hero of Russia. These good news too have reached you?

- Anything about it I do not know. Have invented too!

- And if it is serious, at you already it is a lot of awards?

- There is a medal For free Russia To me it have awarded in 1991.

- when you have decided to go to rescue hostages?

- Even at night at me the thought has started to blossom: it is necessary to do something. Who can talk to terrorists? Perhaps, I. I have a certain moral right. I was one of the first who has visited the Chechen Republic even during the first war, and saw everything that occurred. I did not know, will proceed how much negotiations. And there our people sit. Means, it is necessary to throw any bridge between them all and the world. And then I have thought: and suddenly there children? I have devoted life to children. Worked in many regions - from Nagornogo Karabaha to Yugoslavia, the Chechen Republic.

and to 7 o`clock in the morning I have already precisely understood that should be there. Has learnt that the Moscow staff which is headed by Yury Mihajlovich Luzhkov is created. I call to it, the assistant responds. I speak: Pass that Leonid Mihajlovich Roshal called and it is ready to go there .

Began to call to Kobzon. During this moment Joseph Davydovich carried on negotiations together with Khakamada. And terrorists to it have told that the doctor is necessary. And me after all name the doctor of extreme situations . And when I at last have phoned to Kobzon, he speaks: I just about you spoke with insurgents. But they have refused. The doctor - the Jordanian is necessary to them. But all the same, give just in case come .

And when doctors - the Jordanian have found, I speak: Let`s risk. I too will go. I will pass so I will pass. Will not kill . And we have gone empty-handed. Terrorists, by the way, have asked: and that you have come without a thing? I speak: should look at first that is necessary, and then I will bring all. Then they have told: means, so if once again you will appear here without tools, we will kill.

they very much were afraid of cameras

To us with Fast have given suitcases. When we have entered, terrorists have looked that in small suitcases. They on a broader scale periodically checked me. For the second days one insurgent approaches and asks: and the camera where? I speak: we do not have camera. It has probed clothes, knowing precisely where there can be a camera: in a collar and a jacket lapel. Then on a stethoscope that at me on a neck hung, show: and it that? I explain that this tube of patients I listen. They have turned it, have looked. And suddenly someone from terrorists speaks supposedly lag behind. He listened to people this tube. And that examined me, all the same has not calmed down: if once again you will come with a tube, I to you will thrust it... Wildness!

- a leah truth, what you assisted also to insurgents?

- Yes. To my ward to a hall two from them at unknown persons to me circumstances have been wounded.

at one was kasatelnoe hip wound. Most likely, a bullet otrikoshetila. If to it have got, they would shoot ten persons. I processed a wound directly at all. It has taken off trousers, and then zastesnjalsja, was blocked by any box. I speak to the insurgent: what foot at you huge! And it to me in the answer: you three years run about on mounts, yet that will be. When I to it did bandaging, all hall looked at me, and I think that this business was not pleasant to much. I their eyes saw! Then one woman has asked for me a medicine. I speak: all has ended. It then: And what for you here have come then? These, a leah that to tie up? at me the lump to a throat has risen.

other insurgent with wound in a hand I operated in a toilet. In female because in man`s light was not. We with one of terrorists have dragged there a little table from buffet. And this insurgent all operation stood.

- psychological thrillers were ready to shoot hostages?

- Yes. It the pretext was important. When us behind tools have sent, have told: At the same time take away a corpse, rolls. She razvedchitsa, pretended to be the drunk. And we have shot it .

In a corridor the man with a peritonitis lay. I speak: give it. no, let lies. And if it will be absolutely bad, we will shoot it.

ROSHAL Leonid Mihajlovich - the professor, the doctor of medical sciences. The Head of branch of urgent surgery and a trauma of children`s age of scientific research institute of pediatrics of Centre of science of health of children of the Russian Academy of Sciences was born on April, 27th, 1933. Is the president of the International welfare fund of the help to children at accidents and wars. Worked in Armenia (1988), during war in Persian gulf (1991), in Yugoslavia (1991), in Georgia (1991 - 1992), Egypt (1993), Japan and the Chechen Republic (1995), after earthquake in Turkey (1999), in Afghanistan (1998 and 2002), in Dagestan and Israel (2002). By journalists it is named The children`s doctor of the world (1996).

the Doctor - an extreme from the hot prefers boiled water

- the Professor why you drink boiled water?

- Many years ago I operated to the guy a lung. And as - that I go on a corridor, I see: he sits and drinks boiled water. Has asked it, why. He speaks: it is tasty. I have come to myself, at me was samovarchik. I have tried, and is really tasty.

- and alcohol do not use because to drink harmfully?

- I make impression of the person which thinks: harmfully - it is not harmful? Life has forced. And a trade. I all life am engaged in urgent surgery. I never really know, when something will arise. I three times broke by cars First aid and as a result has solved: is better I for myself will respond. Began to drive by the car.

- you and now drive?

- I go quickly. But it is such philosophical question... I have a theory. Each person has a speed. Someone kajfuet at 40 kilometres. Well such pleasure receives! The turn behind, and it will rise in the left strip and goes. Here if me to plant for the good car and to tell: poezzhaj on good highway, but with the terminator in 60 kilometres in an hour I will have a stroke. I seriously speak. It is requirement, but do not confuse it to recklessness. I well drive. Actually since youth at the wheel. On a city if it is free yes in the evening, I can go where - that about hundred. And in the country, on a line, for me it is normal 140. I admit fairly.

- at you the son too the physician?

- It the medical institute has ended. But life such difficult... And he has decided to go on other way, has gone to commerce. The grand daughter the psychologist wants to be.


When we were at the professor, into its office has entered exulting the head physician of hospital of Maya Konstantinovna Buhrashvili. In hands it had a fax from the company medent which has promised gratuitously to equip children`s hospital with furniture...

- thanks them huge, and that at us even at Leonid Mihajlovicha the bookcase decent is not present.

Roshal has made terrible eyes, zashikal on the colleague and is proud has informed us:

- All at us is!

- a leah to you was possible to help much?

- On a broader scale I have a content from work. Nevertheless to supply 800 persons with medicines it is normal. I apologise one - to two hostages if it has appeared that any of medicines instead of a balcony have put in an orchestra.

have very well fulfilled in this plan the Moscow committee of public health services and its head Andrey Seltsovsky. I left with the huge list of names. For forty minutes all has been collected, all is packed.

- you something has amazed, when you have entered for the first time into a hall?

- the Great number of children, I am perfect it did not expect. I have thought: ogo - go! It is necessary to get out them. I told Baraevu: Well why you do not give children? You know that children are not responsible for parents. Give! it in any. For conversations he left to me., Probably, it was interesting to it.

- you without shudder have shaken hands with Baraevu? Perhaps for all his life of Roshal - the unique decent person who has made it...

- Understand, differently it was impossible. It is an element of adjustment of relations. I through all should pass to take away children. I have asked again Baraeva: you precisely release children? He speaks: precisely. I have given a hand to it. It very inertly and unwillingly has shaken it. The hand was cold. But Baraev has deceived me. Has given only eight children, and 27 - has left

- to you as it seemed: terrorists have been from the very beginning assured, what a recreation centre live do not leave?

- I am not convinced that they were ready to die. I think, they would be absolutely happy, if them have planted in the plane and the first class have sent where - nibud. Also have simultaneously declared that the withdrawal of troops from the Chechen Republic begins.

another matter that all of them time strashchali: the Allah wants, that we have died. Me have asked: be not afraid, what we now here will fly up together with you? That do you come here? I speak: and me it nothing to be afraid, I already have lived life.

for the sake of public relations under bullets do not go!

- participation of deputies, stars in negotiations was necessary?

- it is absolute! Aslahanov, Hasbulatov went. Terrorists did not begin to speak with them, but after all it was necessary to find out, that they want. It was necessary. Kobzon, Khakamada and Javlinsky too went. Aslahanov, Aushev and Primakov before storm, in the evening, have gone there. Also have then reported on the president.

when we have come there with Anna of Politkovskaya, the insurgent has asked: you who? She speaks: I am Anja Politkovskaya. That to it: well also what? And then another: Ah, Anja! I would not tell that they with it were lovely, embraced. Anything similar. Very much all was dry. Baraev to it, by the way, and did not leave.

- that is you reject sceptical assumptions what some offered the services for self-advertisement?

- Anything to itself self-advertisement: to go across the field which is exposed to fire of snipers! I think, it is civil exploit of people which there have gone. For public relations to go under bullets are you me excuse. Alla Pugacheva here has come and speaks: Lenja, help, me do not start up. It has appeared, there to very close two it of the person, musicians. Ella Panfilov demanded to exchange it for children, asked of the permission to carry a medicine. I have hardly beaten off. Terrorists absolutely easy could plant simply all in a hall, as me. I sat four hours.

- and than they have explained it?

- And anything: Sit, and what you hurry up? We even here will be a week, all of you will be in time . And time goes: they on the TV have looked at news. And in news say that the world public opinion protests that terrorists - beasts.

- and how they reacted?

- it is absolutely normal, as though it not about them.

- As it has turned out, what during special action you were not on Dubrovke?

- I up to the end did not understand that here storm now will begin. Two days worked bezvylazno on end. In five o`clock in the morning I think: I will go home, I will change clothes. If I knew that there will be a storm, I would not leave.

- And children all these days worried more strongly, than adults?

- Is not present. Children on a broader scale in such situations become more adult. And these children all behaved adequately.

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