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Uitni Houston has reserved the colleague of the father

American state Nju Court - Jersey considers case of the well-known Negro of singer Uitni Houston, which sew rather serious article: it is accused that has reserved the person.

at least so the victim - Kevin Skinner who is one of souchreditelej the companies " confirms; John Hjuston Intertejment named in honour of its head - the father of bottoms - stars.

has put all that parent Uitni - 81 - summer John Hjuston has recently officially declared that for the past year the firm has incurred a loss in 100 million dollars. And it was found out that it has occurred because his daughter - the well-known singer - has not wanted to return the credit for this round sum. And when other shareholders have tried to make independent investigation in their address anonymous threats by phone began to arrive.

and to pravdoiskatelju to Skinner one of security guards of the company who has declared was converted that the singer has ordered to kill the businessman if that does not stop to be indignant. The main proof against Uitni - the tape recording of this conversation made Kevin on which words of the security guard are clearly audible: ... It (that is Houston. - the bus) wants thy skin. Close a mouth, differently you the dead man .