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On Julia Roberts`s birthday have given a surprise

this year the Hollywood star Julia Roberts wanted to celebrate the birthday as well as last time - it is silent and modest, together with beloved Denni Moderom. However Denni has given the wife a surprise. He has considered that it is necessary to arrange a celebration in a big way, after all it there was Julia`s first birthday which they celebrated together as lawful spouses. Besides the beauty marked though also modest, but nevertheless anniversary - 35 - letie.

Therefore Roberts has not fallen nearly from surprise when, having transpassed together with the husband a threshold smart nju - jorkskogo night club The players club and having adjusted for an intimate supper at candles, has suddenly found out inside more than hundred friends which greeted its enthusiastic shouts: Happy birthday! all the evening long the rumble of the company and clinking of glasses were interrupted continually with game of an orchestra which was reserved by the husband.

Nevertheless hearings that Julia`s relations and Denni not such and cloudless recently have spread. As informs London Dejli a mirror Moder began to visit quite often in a striptease - clubs. So, 32 - the summer dancer of one of such institutions - Andzhelese admitted Los that the spouse of the movie star released compliments in its address and even tried to touch it. I have warned him that it cannot be done, on what he has responded: Perhaps, we will meet later - has told Ms. from a striptease - club.