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Christina could blow up on a scene long before act of terrorism...

yesterday we have come on a site of children`s troupe the North - Osta on the Internet. Mourning photos of victims Christina Kurbatovoj and Arseny Kurilenko, tens responses from all ends of a planet:

- Thanks you, expensive, favourite children!! For your courage and talent! We will not forget you! The soul is torn to pieces from a grief and a pain...

- forgive us that we could make nothing, forgive us that it could occur... The Earth to you down... The Lord will help us.

- I can not believe... Painfully... I do not know that it is possible to tell in such situation... I will simply keep silent... In memory of THEM...

it is a lot of poems. Here only one, taken at random:

the Rain behind a window cries,
Tears on glasses flow down.
heart does not want to believe -
That life so is cruel happens...
our World krovav also is awful -
Children`s death - so terribly!!!
My God! Take pity...
also store all of them which have remained!.

On the Internet - a page the questionnaire filled by hand with Christina Kurbatovoj for the admirers lies also. In the North - Oste she played Katya Tatarinov, and in life, as well as thousand contemporaries, read Tolkiena, played the computer, dreamt...

thy name: Christina.

thy surname: Kurbatov.

when at you birthday? 22. 11. 88.

whom you play the North - Oste ? Katya (schoolgirl).

Whom you would want to play the North - Oste (adult or other roles)? I would like to play adult Katya, but would not refuse participation in mass meetings.

whom you would want to become in the future (a trade/ it is possible a little/)? It was not defined Yet.

where you study? In what class? School 686 ( the Class - the Center ) 8 a class.

as influences the North - Ost for thy study? I try to be in time everywhere. A leah

you when - nibud Spilled out school or were late on the North - Ost from - for schools? Never. A leah

you See separate spectators when you are on a scene? Yes, during 2 - j oratorios are possibility to consider a hall.

what thy most favourite film ()? the Lord of rings .

What thy most favourite book (books)? the Lord of rings (J. R.R.Tolkien).

What music is pleasant to you? A jazz, classical music and lyrical. A leah

you Use the Internet? Yes.

What do you think of the Internet? Perfectly! Very necessary and useful thing.

you would like to have a personal mail box on the Internet? Yes, certainly.

That the ridiculous occurred to you on a scene? Yes, there was one ridiculous case. During a scene of Laktometr I should put a flask with detonating gas in a tram and run out, but quickly run out it has not turned out, since mine varezhka, sewn to a coat on an elastic band, was hooked for a tram handrail and I have run off on so much, on the length of an elastic band how much has allowed. So I also ran, adhered to a tram, but all has ended normally, and I could get rid before explosion.

you dream of what gift? I want to act in film. A leah

it is possible to place thy photo on the Internet? Yes, it is possible.

That you want to inform on yourself in addition? I like to read books, to play the computer, to go to the cinema, and I very much like to sing.

thy wishes to founders of a site? That a wind the North - Osta always barrels in a correct direction. Thanks for attention.

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