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Migrants had not time to supply with maps

not to tell that position it was too heavy. However it will forbid to be in public service, to work on sea merchant marine fleet and to minister in army. Foreigners will accurately divide into groups and will refuse the right to live in Russia that who has a previous conviction or, say, a HIV - is infected. But the most revolutionary part of the law will force the foreigner to fill a migratory map in which data on an abiding place, an occupation and movings of the owner will register on border.

Certainly, we have assumed at once, what the nightmare and confusion are already created in a frontier zone...

10. 55. A hall of an arrival of the airport Vnukovo . Under a moronic ringing of game machines declare landing of the Kishinev flight. By, tapping with heels, grandly there pass two girls - pogranichnitsy.

- Give though on this migratory map to look, - we ask.

- what map? - The first strains.

- is not present while any maps... - the second waves away.

There are also happy passengers.

- you from militia, a leah that? - Valery Djakonu scaredly asks again. - I did not fill Any maps. And there were no they there!

- At first frontier guards have checked up passports, then there was a customs, - his wife confirms.

other passengers too heard nothing neither about the new law, nor on migratory maps.

- well and how you wanted? - Have sympathised with us in Federal frontier service of Russia. - the law About a legal status of foreigners though has entered the force, but in practice yet does not operate. Conditions for its action are not present. Does not exist Yet in the nature of that migratory map with which it is necessary to fill at entrance.

Then points of boundary control at the airports and stations work in the same mode, as one year ago: Girls - controllers on all country on - former melancholically set the seals in international passports. However, have underlined in FPS as soon as on check points there will be migratory maps, frontier guards will be ready to work and with these documents.

Where to the visitor now to move?
five naive questions on the new law

1. What for this law is necessary?

First of all for accurate regulation of migratory streams in the country. The matter is that from - for any indistinctness of standard documents and the instructions operating on this bill until recently, the overwhelming majority of migrants live in Russia actually on illegal position.

by estimations eksperptov, for the past 10 years the number of those who has crossed frontier of Russia, has increased more than in two and a half time - from 10 million persons to 26 million, basically for the bill small and Averages businessmen, guest workers, shuttles and etc.

2. How action of the new law looks in practice?

the migratory map is legislatively entered, it still name the passport of the migrant (the form of the document published on this page) see. This map grants the right to the migrant to be in territory of Russia, it together with other documents proving the identity, is shown for registration of time check in in a residence.

how to fill a map, basically it is clear. That in point of the boundary admission which crosses coming (or driving off), not only all necessary marks put is basic, but also retain otryvnuju a part maps which then pass in establishments which are engaged in check in of migrants.

the duty at a rate of 4200 rbl. Besides, is entered

2. For what migratory duties are necessary?

Again - taki for protection against spontaneous filling of the market of labour.

4. Who will define quantity necessary imported rabsily?

under the new law, regions (republics, edges, areas) have the right to calculate quotas of so-called labour migrants which are necessary for local branches. But will confirm definitive figures the federal centre.

this norm is entered to exclude kompanejshchinu at a set of guest workers that in regions the necessary building small towns and settlements of cheap labour have not bred to the detriment of local population to nobody. After all it should be contained at the expense of federal and local budgets.

5. Where the guarantee, what the new law will operate?

It is supposed that the government will enter a little podzakonnyh certificates (In total nearby 20) which will enhance the responsibility before the new law of all whom it concerns.

Michael TJURKIN, the deputy the chief of Federal migratory service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation:
the Migratory map will be free!

- the Migratory map is intended not for toughening of an order of entrance and departure of foreign citizens (certainly, speech - about territory of Russia), and for control, the account and the analysis of migratory streams. Now we can define, how much actually foreign citizens and persons without citizenship arrives to our country, than they are going to be engaged... By the way, the migratory map stands out free of charge!

and more very much an important point. Not a secret that many of those who comes to us in search of the best life, do not pay taxes, and is also such who does not observe the legislation of our country, makes offences. And so, the new law not only defines a legal status of foreign citizens, but also regulates relations between them and the Russian state.
Alexander of DINS.