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I Elis Cooper, much explain this

very considerable figure - this Elis Cooper. For thirty with superfluous years on a scene it so much all has invented that only have time to copy. A banal hard - fate it has combined with an aesthetics of horror films, than has entered conservative America into a status of full shock. Guillotines, streams of artificial blood, wild suits and a make-up, live boas and dead hens - podi make out behind all it on - to the present of the talented actor. And by the way, Bob Dilan named as - that Cooper the underestimated author. Many songs (like I “ m Eighteen and School “ s Out) became hymns of democratic youth 70 - h and 80 - h years. Cειχΰρ, of course, popularity scale not that. But there is time to answer questions of journalists.

- hello, dear Elis Cooper. Here I sit in Moscow. Give, I think, I will take from you a telephone interview.

- Excellent idea. And we today in Chicago. At us here tour over 70 cities. And in Moscow we begin the European tour. And to us is not suffered to get here any more. Since we at you have visited two years naazad, only and we say that about Moscow.

- well here, you have a little helped me, and the Russian organizers of your concerts all asked to learn that during interview as at us then it was pleasant to you.

- Uh and fine we have spent time. I always compare all to Detroit. Detroit is the native land fate - n - a beater. And here I speak: Moscow is Detroit the sample of 1977.

is a serious compliment.

- And that! At you all in black leather jackets, hair at all long, and on mind - one only fate - n - a beater. By the way, about restaurants: I say to all that the best in the world McDonald`s - in Moscow, at Red Square.

- bad news, Elis. Recently near to other Moscow McDonald`s explosion has thundered.

- Yes, it is sad.

- it is fine, give about the cheerful. Perhaps a secret what will open about a forthcoming concert?

- I Will tell so: will be much “ classics “. A guillotine it will be exact is like as my logo. Well and more which - that in this spirit.

- and how all of you it through borders take? How to customs officers explain, what for to you these features? Or it is enough to tell, what you Elis Cooper - and the problem dares?

- When I say that I Elis Cooper, much explain this. I after all 30 years on a scene, people wait from me for all this theatricality.

- by the way, all of you still execute the old hit “ To me 18 “?

- here here what business. It is executed not by me, and Elis Cooper - the character whom I have thought up also which role play a scene. Elis is like as Zorro, doctor Dzhekill and Mr. Hyde, Drakula - yes any literary hero. Et very American persorazh. I at all do not know, how old is he, Perhaps just 18. He, at least, in it believes. And public in it believes.

- all present rokery in terrible masks and a make-up - you them consider these as pupils or worthless simulators?

- I consider them as continuers. I never considered myself as the founder of a genre. At me after all not only horrors during concerts. I give to public humour, sex, romanticism...

- by the way, about continuers. To you who is closer: Uniforms of the Zombie or Merilin Manson? (Terrible characters! - L. Z)

- Uniforms of the Zombie! For me it is important to find in awful something ridiculous. Between horror and a comedy very thin side. Uniforms my good friend, I understand its sense of humour. And at Merilina Manson I something did not face displays of sense of humour.

- and here group Kiss too carried a make-up, and then has suddenly decided to leave on people with open faces. You such do not plan anything?

- They have simply decided to check up: and what, if we will simply ensemble? And here I on a scene without a make-up do not represent Elisa Cooper. It should be the villain, instead of the hero. At Piterov Pan`s abundant should be though one Captain Huk.

- There is one more hero fate - a beater, which in what on you similar - Ozzi Osborn. The guy was dashing! And now here became the hero of teleshow - “ the Family Osbornov “ (our type “ Behind glass “. Goes on MTV, has record ratings. - L. Z) . You such do not plan anything?

- I, by the way, never considered that on a scene of Ozzi gets up to something awful. It simply was the good singer. In real life it has appeared much more terribly. When it fries fried eggs on kitchen - here it on - to the present terribly! And I would not began to act in film in such teleshow. You will not believe, how much I differ from that character whom I play a scene. I very good father. I on - to the present the faithful husband. I conduct a normal way of life. Short of that at all in my family the perverted sense of humour.

- well, it at you hereditary...

-. At me three children, and all together we - the poured out family Addamsov.

- How much zdororvyj you now conduct a way of life?

- very healthy. Otherwise I could not hold on on a scene two hours. I do not drink 20 years. I have drunk the.

- here a question almost that philosophical. Leah it was difficult to learn normally to live when your songs any more do not occupy the top lines in a hit - parades?

- Here it is necessary to understand from the very beginning that this business - a continuous roller coaster: there are soars, there are falling. Many new groups of it do not know, they in three years already break up. And take AC/ DC, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Ozzi Osborna, Elisa Cooper. We at all had soars and falling... We 30 years on a scene. Us sometimes name dinosaurs. And we not dinosaurs, we predators, to us meat submit! I when write down a plate, I understand that I will not entice public at Britney Spears. I work on a hard - fatal and metal audience. That what by radio do not twist us? Paul McCartney too do not twist.

- in the beginning of a way you the guillotines and the other concert equipment did nearly on a knee. At present musicians - computers, lasers, fantastic special effects. Not enviably?

- For me not the technological level is important, and that atmosphere of a carnival to which the person at my concert gets.

- it is good, and now raskazhite to us about the restaurant.

- the Restaurant is called Cooper/// ` stown. In their States already two. And more will be a little worldwide - can, by the way, and in Moscow. These are such typically American restaurants with excellent barbekju. I, naturally, at a plate do not stand, I carry out the general management.

- and at your restaurants, probably, and your music sounds?

- Not only mine. Still Frenka Zappy, Iggi of the Priest... Ridiculously to see clerks in strict suits which eat the business - a lunch under a fierce hard - fate.

- and last question: what album for the last 10 letvy consider as the best?

- Brutal Planet. I think, it the most indicative. Well everything, we will meet in Moscow.

Kontsert Elisa Cooper will take place on November, 5th in SK “ Olympic “. The information on a concert: www. alicecooper. jsa. ru

All about Elise Cooper: www. alicecooper. com