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The Egyptian pyramids are made of concrete!

Hilda Sljusar - the ordinary child prodigy. As well as any 9 - the summer child, she writes with errors - Geradot mesets - huliganit on the site ( I - clever! And my brother Eugene - stupid! ) Eugene, by the way, the student of the Moscow State University. But at this Hilda has already received a green belt on aikido and has developed the author`s educational computer program, awarded every possible adult awards. Hilda goes to school strong thinking in native Zelenograd. The Egyptian pyramids - its creative project to be taken by which Hilda of the beginning two years ago. And now here its guesses are confirmed with the American researchers!

Hilda considers that in the traditional version of technology of building of pyramids there are errors:

Write that each stone block was height of 7 metres and section 5 h 5. One cubic metre of limestone weighs 2 tons.

volume of one block (7 metres h 5 metres h 5 metres = 175 cubic metre). Weight of this block of 350 tons. If the person lifts 50 kgs 350 tons dragged 7000 persons.

to transport blocks on water it was possible only within three months during a spring high water.

it was necessary to carry out such 500 000 flights within 20 years. 20 years h 3 months = 60 months - so much time used to transport blocks. Then for one flight spent approximately 5 minutes if worked day and night. But after all they could not carry heavy blocks so quickly...

still Hilde seems strange that raw blocks kept within the pyramid centre: I consider that from - for it the pyramid should collapse, so it seems to me .

That Hilda as the answer offers venerable historians? Pyramids, she considers, are made of concrete! Ancient builders did not drag any stones, and simply knocked together wooden forms and filled in there a solution - the crushed limestone and water. A leah ancient Egyptians could guess before? And why is not present, if the modern pupil of initial classes has guessed?

concrete The hypothesis of building of pyramids already appeared in the scientific world. To the first, apparently, it was some years ago voiced by the French chemist, the professor of Bern university Zhozef Davidovich. He analyzed a chemical compound of pyramids and has come out with the assumption that they are made of concrete.

the same technology is described and in G.V.Nosovsky and A.T.Fomenko`s just left book New chronology of Egypt : If a dry thin powder to fill in the box which has been hammered together from boards, to fill in with water and carefully to mix, after drying of a particle of a powder are strongly fastened with each other. When the solution definitively dries up, it is turned to stone. After the lapse of time to distinguish such concrete blocks from cut down of the same breed it becomes sometimes uneasy, as they collapse, disappear and take a form natural stones .

the Egyptian pyramids are constructed OF the FILE about 4,5 thousand years ago. Constructed them within 500 years, in board of dynasties with the third on the sixth. The highest - a pyramid of Heopsa, 147 metres.

Great pyramids is small east cunning
Olga TOMASHEVICH, the Egyptologist, the senior lecturer of stand of ancient history of the Moscow State University:

- in Egypt I participate In excavation five years. Exotic hypotheses appear from time to time: in - the first, Egyptians suppose there not only professionals, in - the second, advertising is simply necessary to tourist place of interest. Actually pyramids are constructed of blocks of limestone which extracted directly here, in Giza. Under the stone analysis it is possible to define, in what places cut down a stone for each pyramid. Traces of works in stone quarries were saved: In limestone did an aperture, drove in wooden kolja, watered, the tree inflated and broke off a stone.

to understand how it was possible to ancient Egyptians to move weights, long time in Egypt modern is useful to work. We did excavation of a tomb of the grandee. The floor in it is covered by a stone laying from plates. And simple Arabian hard workers by means of a rope, sticks, skilful application of a rule of the lever easily lifted these plates with 10 - metre depth! And under the big blocks for pyramids enclosed logs and carried like sledge.

in Sakkare - there where there is a step pyramid of Dzhosera, - many not completed pyramids: the garbage from building sites is not cleaned, there are instruments of labour, that is it is visible, as builders worked. The rests of embankments from sand are found, by the way: they grew together with a pyramid, on them wore out upward blocks, and then embankments cleaned.

Archeologists find working marks on blocks - they are made by a red or black paint. It can be a name of the tsar for which a pyramid built, the name of a brigade or household designations: top or a bottom. If we could disassemble pyramids on blocks marks it would be typed much and it would be possible to recreate technology of building more precisely.

Stones were dragged by a kite?

absolutely exotic idea was voiced by researcher Morin Klemmons: Egyptians for moving tjazhelennyh stones used a huge kite. It with adherents even have spent investigatory experiment - have built from a parachute of a kite and could lift on it a stone in weight more than 3 tons. According to Klemmons to move blocks by means of a wind is much easier, than to push or pull. The command of scientists is not going to stop on reached and hopes to get moving forward a stone in weight more than 9 tons.