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As to make a candy of the politician

On the nitty-gritty of politics the image maker - the unfortunate cook. He should prepare a product, a name to which - the politician. In secret image makers dream, that at their door the known, beginning figure with a hard purse was knocked to nobody. Not zabronzovevshy without bright appearance, without character. But such clients, alas, the big rarity. Therefore PR managers of already ready politicians, as children nurture. It how to teach politicians to be pleasant to voters, to us has told the director known capital PR - agencies.

a lesson the first: not to lisp and not to use foul language!

Victor Tchernomyrdin holding at that time fast the prime minister - the minister did not become One of the first clients of agency (its mistress has asked not to mention the name of firm and the name) nearly. With image makers the environment of the head of the government conducted iznuritelno long negotiations, jealously trying to find out, with a body of the prime minister PR managers will make what manipulations. you want it to touch? - With suspicion the environment was interested. Experts have agreed: we Want. For example, sometimes we should remove from it a jacket . Anger of some inhabitants the White house it was inexpressible.

- by preparation for work we sat on a press - Tchernomyrdin`s conferences and have prepared some reports with transfer of lacks of speech of Victor Stepanovicha, - the director remembers.

- really all?

- you are surprised, but them not so much. There were, of course, hesitation words which deformed sense of speech not so much, how much forced down thought of the speaker. They gave in to simple correction. In the rest Victor Stepanovicha should not be retrained. Without firm chernomyrdinskih pearls this politician will lose much.

And here at the future governor of Primorski Krai Sergey Darkina other problems. He so quickly said that from speech of anything it was impossible to disassemble. It was necessary spetsam to make the uneasy decision - to hold an election... Without Darkina. That is not to start up the client neither on television, nor on radio and to minimise public statements. The applicant for a governor`s armchair only in newspapers, but, despite it acted, has won elections.

having defeated, the governor has passed semi-annual training on the standard of speech at the professor of the Vladivostok institute of arts and has learnt to speak slowly and distinctly. That, however, has not rescued it from some punctures. Once, for example, Sergey Darkin has declared: These people should correspond to three criteria: it is logical to think of professionalism, ability, honesty and unscrupulousness .

But the most terrible enemy of the image maker - Russian floor-mat. It transforms speech of politicians into a perennial spring of jokes. Well how to be to the person, if between words to revive and culture it on a habit inserts native blja .

- the Case extended, - smiles the head mistress, - is treated stage by stage. To tell this word we do not forbid, but we ask it to alter to a word a pancake . Then we replace it with even more neutral. By the way, sometimes the floor-mat not only is harmful, but also is useful.

for example, among PR managers such history is known. On Petersburg elections one of men - candidates could not smile during speech in any way - only will throw over the text a gloomy sight and further bubnit. The exhausted assistants have thought up armour-piercing means - they have entered in its report after especially important words for the people a simple Russian curse (on...) . The candidate on rehearsal before telerecord has started to read and was came by joyful laughter. On the record the text to it a distance already normal but when business reached key offers, the lecturer involuntarily remembered the primary source, and such open kind smile at it still nobody saw...

but more often image makers operate the politician, even when it is on a tribune. Sitting in a hall, they by means of conventional signs signal: finish this subject - the people already fall asleep or here is more aggressive - vrezh properly. The politician obediently executes instructions. It is curious that conductors usually put on in bright colours or even specially dye hair, that the client has not lost track of them.

a lesson of the second: How to push speech

So, the politician has learnt - taki to talk. But - yet does not know, about what. Or is even worse - thinks that knows. These subjects lull audience reasonings on macroeconomic indicators. In the started cases on a broader scale talk any nonsense. So, one of the militarised politicians, being abroad fairly podshofe, long told to Italians that their army-. As well as their spaghetti with which it is absolutely impossible to have a snack vodka.

and after all to push speech before ljudjami - a science thin.

- we before each performance study audience, - the head tells public relations - agencies. - we ask, what problems at people, than the people are proud. After all voters are assured that to politicians on them to spit. And here our client from a tribune suddenly declares supposedly I know that at your Maria Semenovny the roof flows. Also I know that child prodigy Svetochka has defeated regional competition of young talents. The good fellow, Svetochka! The people flattered by attention, tepleet to the politician and even can vote for it. By the way, we practised this reception by preparation of pre-election trips of Yeltsin.

Boris Nikolaevicha`s Love to improvisation is well-known. But very few people knows that (as, for example, conducting by an orchestra) he thought out unsuccessful improvisations itself, and successful - assistants carefully prepared. For example, goes as - that the Russian president on the market by a fish number. And suddenly a voice from crowd: Boris Nikolaevich, is pleasant to you a small fish? Yeltsin suffices fish and is started up before television cameras in in advance prepared memoirs - as it caught it in the childhood as fried it in a student`s hostel...

but especially in agency are proud of the invention under the conditional name Grandmas and cucumbers .

- the People meet Yeltsin at station, - PR managers tell. - and here among crowd the chamber snatches out grandmothers with 3-litre jars of marinaded cucumbers. Babuli dream to endow with them the favourite president. These touching shots have bypassed all country.

But, taming the people, it is possible to break in a temper many fire wood.

- as - that we hurried with the client on a meeting with railwaymen and have lost the way, - the director of agency speaks. - wandered on any tunnels, ways. We are late. The politician raving with fury. Well, simply boils! We fly in Recreation centre. The client is ready to carry all around, to send to hell everything that is connected with these tunnels, including unfortunate railwaymen. Fortunately, the candidate has remembered in time, to that we learnt it, has pressed to myself a conditional point (we it name a tag ) On a palm. Thereby has fixed conditional border of excitation, has calmed down, and the meeting has passed peacefully.

to answer a question that it is necessary to press to Zhirinovsky and Shandybinu to avoid the next fight, image makers were at a loss. But were curious: and what for? A pier, calmness to a rating of these children it is strictly counter-indicative.

a lesson the third: to Dump weight

Uf - f - f! It was possible to teach to tell the candidate. The pupil is quiet, we operate and at all does not bear from a tribune of frank nonsense. Now at teachers a new problem - it is necessary to do something with its appearance. On some after all not only without tears, without laughter you will not look.

- there was at us a client who had an awful habit, - the director sighs. - at performance it crossed hands on an intimate place, as if the football player in to a wall also it was shaken backwards - forward, periodically uttering: It is the most important part of my program . The laughter in a hall stood the Homeric.

by means of training we managed to lift hands of the client on decent height. By the way, acting, professional politicians try not to lower a hand below certain level. It creates additional effect.

now it is necessary to cope with weight. Before election campaign the majority of known Russian politicians distsiplinirovanno go on a diet as by means of the western doctors to grow thin easy. For two weeks it is possible to throw off about ten kgs. Image makers convince the most rested gluttons by means of optics laws. On the screen of the TV the person looks percent on 30 more thickly, than it is actually. Besides fat men have bad habit to sweat under heat of television spotlights.

image makers experiment clothes reluctantly, being rather afraid to be trapped. Prefer to beat the enemy Old classic method - all have come in black suits, and we took yes was in light. Also has drawn attention to.

Traditionally do not advise to the client to wear massive watch and rings - distract attention of the spectator. And never speak with the client about plastic operation.

it is silly and inefficient, - PR managers consider. - we even have made small experiment - by means of a photomontage have removed the well-known birthmark from Gennady Zyuganov`s person. The leader of communists very strange looked.

all! The candidate is ready.

eat it on health.


How much is image of the politician

Services of the photographer - 1500 dollars for shooting.
services of the speech writer (the expert writing texts to speakers) - 500 - 1500 dollars for performance.
training of the politician to speech art - 3000 dollars.
services of the stylist - 100 dollars for a session.
Expenses on clothes - 5000 - 20000 dollars.
the general expenses - from 10 000 to 50 000 dollars.