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Nina Dvorzhetsky has married Hrjuna Morzhova

On Tuesday evening in the Central House of the actor its board of trustees has gathered (from celebrities were Oleg Tabakov, Vasily Lanovoy, Vladimir Etush and others) - to discuss the program of a coming season.

having sounded the main problem - on Arbate officials want to take away a building of the House of the actor, - gathered under tasty wine and appetizer have begun to conduct rap sessions and to discuss secular news.

wedding of the actress of Youth theatre of Nina Dvorzhetsky, the widow of actor Evgenie Dvorzhetsky (it was lost in 1999) became the main such news.

the leading actor of Theatre of satire, the talented parodist and simply lovely person Alexey Kolgan became Its elect. The voice of this actor is known well by fans of TV program Put out the light - Alexey speaks a voice of Hrjuna Morzhova.

Wedding Dvorzhetsky and Kolgana has taken place on October, 11th in the House of the actor in a narrow circle of the most close people and colleagues.

We have called Nina Dvorzhetsky to congratulate on pleasant event.

Alexey has proposed hands and hearts is effective, as at cinema.
- Nina, you familiar for a long time with Alexey? Knew each other before tragical events in your life?

- Is not present, our acquaintance has occurred much later. We have got acquainted in the House of the actor in which have celebrated a wedding. My witness Larissa Isaeva has invited for us the Georgian ensemble which sang absolutely tremendous songs. And my Alesha has presented to me a star in the sky. Now in the sky there is a star which call Nina, it in mia maid of Scales! And I very much am proud of it!

- and where you will live with the husband?

- At my place. With my daughter and the son. Children have very much treated kindly family changes.

- and how Alexey to you has made the offer?

- As in beautiful cinema. Was in a tuxedo and asked to give me to it in the wife my mum and my daughter. They have thought hardly - hardly and have agreed.

- to a honeymoon trip will go?

- Is not present, we work, we play theatres.

- Nina, with all the heart we wish your of good luck!