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Michael Shufutinsky prepares for wedding

Michael Shufutinsky - the musician prolific. Today it has a twentieth (!) disk under the bill under the name Boom, boom! (songs from it already with might and main sound on radio the Chanson ) . Shufutinsky never was afraid to surprise the audience. And though its admirers consider that it the executor in style a chanson, it had experiments with a rap, a blues, the motions which have made a noise in due time with image change in the project the Macho men . But on a new album of Michael Shufutinsky has done without experiments.

- I can not tell that I such the experimenter, - tell Michael Shufutinsky. - it is simple to me as any normal person, likes from time to time different things. When - that to me wanted to make a song the Black pistol where there are rap elements, then I have written down Igor Krutogo`s plate with the American jazz musicians. Simply so in any interval of time it wanted to me to express itself creatively. But though on a new disk is both Russian song, and Gipsy, both the Jewish motives, and hooligan songs, both lyrical ballads, and a blues, all - taki on style is that patentovannyj Shufutinsky whom all of you know since my albums 20 - summer prescription.

- the twentieth album under the bill - this figure is worthy of it, that it to note...

- I do not do especial accent that an album the twentieth. It not such big feast. After all matter is not in figures. I do not set as an object to write many albums, I simply sing and I write down songs.

- with what extravagant enough name of an album is connected?

- On a disk there is a song Boom, boom! and in it such words: Cheekbones are reduced from desire by a zoom - a zoom, you are almost already ready boom - boom . Here I also have decided to name an album Boom, boom! . In this name there is a small riddle. The matter is that all will ask, and time asks, there is an additional interest.

23. 00 - and in a mouth piles!

- you in the perfect form. Continue to adhere your well-known bloody diets?

- At me it any more a diet, and a way of life. Though I, admit, have had time to accustom an organism to small infringements. Well, for example, according to a diet it is impossible to eat tomatoes with fish or meat. And I sometimes eat, and anything, the organism accepts. Or I drink coffee with milk, the organism too does not react to it. Recently where - that about half a year I have started to drink whisky gradually. Basically the doctor has resolved to me it, but - 45 minutes prior to meal. And at me it turns out that I am not limited to one dose, and I continue to drink during meal. The organism too does not mind. So it not a diet, is simple I so I eat. But recently I have globally broken all, having visited with tours Northern Kazakhstan. Hospitable owners simply did not understand, how it can to eat and to be drunk, if already all have brought. And there after all national dishes very fat. I will fairly tell: next day the organism resisted. Has come to the senses by the evening. I look at the watch - 23. 00, and in a mouth piles. Has restrained. Therefore for a day has resulted itself again in norm. And further any more did not break the mode.

I want to witness on wedding

- In Kazakhstan were on affairs tour?

- I was invited by my friend who supervised over grain harvesting. In Kazakhstan this year have reaped very serious crop and consequently end of cleaning for workers of village was very big feast.

- you went one?

- Is not present, I have suggested my friend to take still Marina Hlebnikovu and group Love stories with their producer Valery Belotserkovsky. And as to Marina I pursued two aims. In - the first, my friend has a partner, his name is Andrey. He/she is the serious person engaged in agrobusiness and living in Paris. Andrey hinted time and again me that it likes Marina Hlebnikova. He even has bought an overcoat after Marininogo of a clip My general . Here I also have solved: I will acquaint - ka them. Especially - also it is the second reason - Marinka always called me sympathy. Besides, that it the remarkable person, it has finished conservatory, the professional pianist. So we with it speak in one language - music language. And our rare meetings have inspired me sensation that Marina - the person lonely enough in private life. So there was an excellent subject. But I did not begin to warn Marina about the serious admirer. And Andrey has warned: behave gallantly! But he and so has understood all as the person clever and nurtured. When we have arrived, I even have been pleasantly surprised. Marina was met by the separate car directly at a plane gangway. It, understanding nothing, village in the car. Me calls, and I speak to it: You ezzhaj one, at me business . It have brought into place, and there - a sea of flowers. She on - former does not understand. I - to it: Anything especial in it is not present, simply you have merited such meeting .

Michael (at the left) and producer Valery Belotserkovsky became the Kazakh khans.
On a banquet after a concert Andrey has appeared near to Marina. I pretend that all it like as is casual. And itself I look: at children the communication thread was outlined. Same at once it is appreciable. Well, I think, anything surprising. Andrey - the person interesting, nice and free.

and next day us have invited to hunting. Marina first - in any. But when has learnt that Andrey too goes, at once has agreed: OK, only I will not shoot . When we have arrived into place to steppe lakes, near to them, directly to steppes, stood brightly - the blue embroidered yurta, simply magic. It appears, he/she is the local oligarch has solved us so to meet, has specially constructed a yurta, has filled game, has prepared beshbarmak and other entertainments. Hunting has begun that under sounds of the ancient Kazakh tool we have sat down in a yurta, have lifted a toast, have drunk. I speak: Here, already and it is not necessary to hunt . I look, Marina already sits side by side with Andrey.

but on hunting all of us have gone. And I with the huntsman by the car - in one party, Marina with Andrey - in another. And from their party why - that suspiciously long was not audible shots. Probably, simply the game did not go.

and there was then the surprising case, well simply ready history for a melodrama. All other hunters have gone to a yurta, and we were late with Marina near to any bog. And suddenly before us there was a wild boar with enormous canines, I of such freak to admit, in life did not see! And my gun has left with the huntsman. What to do? A wild boar on us pret, Marina was frightened, has begun to squeak and why - that has rushed to this bog. I stand pending, understanding that rescue - that and is not present. And during this moment there is hero Andrey - do not know, can, they have specially tired out there a wild boar, - shoots, kills a wild boar on the spot and rescues the princess from death! During that moment I have understood that such light beautiful fairy tale has turned out. So, my function of the procurer is executed, start up they there understand further. And you know, how I have learnt, they like have really understood. Andrey has invited Marina to Paris. It is very pleasant that they have not understood that I all have started it. But if at all of them will be on - serious, it is necessary to tell and demand all that me have appointed the witness at them on wedding.

Schwarzenegger has done without me

- Now only and conversations that about the new governor of the State of California. And after all at you the house just in those places. You voted for Schwarz?

- fortunately, no. I was in America in July when there only started to speak about it. Therefore I have not found election campaign, on meetings with Schwarzenegger did not go. And not the admirer I of this business though I consider myself as the republican. I do not consider Shvertseneggera as the great actor - the impressive person by whom have taught something to do correctly, - and already of its abilities as governor is not assured absolutely not. I doubt that it can make something for the State of California. But, when he has defeated, I from interest have called in Los - Andzheles to the wife, have asked, for whom it voted. It has appeared that she has forgotten to be registered. Here so Schwarzenegger has done without our voices.