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chocolate Academy : 250 children wanted to eat plastic sandwiches

Advertising many abhor, but all look. Advertising characters become heroes of jokes, slogans are altered in newspaper headings, songs then become attached - will not get rid... And how these rollers act in film? In a new heading we also will tell about it.

advertising for chocolate paste chocolate Academy removed agency Barkstel . Advertisers in the name of the general director of agency of Xenia Teljakovsky, director Tiny Barkalaja and the producer of Michael Ustinova have so deeply plunged into a chocolate subject that usual inventing of the scenario and videoclip shooting that time business has not managed. They went on chocolate factory, tasted paste, without caring that the sweet spoils a figure, and took the most active part in the decision, what thickness should be bank. During these trips to heads of advertisers there was a whole legend about count Dalokoshe (chocolate to the contrary), living in the Middle Ages in the wonderful lock and something the reminding Harry Potter.

as - that in the evening Ooze, Xenia and Michael were late on work late. At first they have composed a quatrain, and as at all music education friends have sung it on... A telephone answering machine. By the way, Ooze cannot erase till now this record - the hand does not rise. Next morning the masterpiece in phone has been brought to the arranger who has advised that the song was executed by children`s chorus and the jazz singer.

to a role of the dancing teacher - something an average between professor Mak Gonagal and Mary Poppins - have dared to invite Lyudmila Chursinu. On a broader scale - that the actress in advertising does not act in film essentially, but for a children`s musical has made an exception.

on a casting two hundred fifty parents with children have come. Short-sighted mummies tinted to daughters of a lip, wound ringlets, without suspecting that the director searches for natural children`s charm. Six kids have received leading roles, among them red David Rabinovich (this real name of the boy!). On shootings five years` actors imperceptibly from adults tried plastic sandwiches on tooth. And the director begged them not to do it, promising after shootings of all from a paunch to feed with the present long loaf with chocolate paste...