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Prince Michael Kentsky has taken away the Hermitage from Russia...

prince Michael Kentsky with the spouse and film star Katrin Deneuve have arrived to Petersburg with a gift. To 300 - letiju cities the high-ranking persons opened an exhibition in the Hermitage “ Stroganovy - patrons of art and collectors “. Before opening the high delegation has decided to walk on Palace Square. The attention of the representative of an English royal court yard was involved with the ridiculous vagrant dog missing on the area. Surprisingly, but prince Michael and even madam Deneuve have shown unexpected for persons accompanying them interest to shaggy and creation full of fleas. Its Highness has named a mongrel according to a place of the mission - the Hermitage, and the film star even has stroked a dog.

and it is instant for a Petersburg mongrel other life has begun. At first åe have overfed at luxurious restaurant “ Hermitage “ and to a dog have got “ Pozharsky “ cutlets from the royal menu. In the same place the prince Kentsky has charged an animal to cares of the friends - to family Sutinyh. On their country house near Zurich lives seven dogs, so, the Hermitage there will not miss.

Katrin Deneuve in Peter nezdorovilos: the actress muffled up in scarfs, but has all the same lost a voice.
the Dog has spent the night in hotel “ Europe “ where it have washed special shampoos and have sprayed a French perfume. In the same place the Hermitage has received “ the most important dog ticket “ - a collar, and already next day four-footed adopted child Michael Kentsky began to prepare for travel to Switzerland. To begin with an animal... Have registered in Peter. Then on teeth have defined its age - three years, have imparted from furiousness. For the Hermitage all necessary papers - the veterinary certificate and the international veterinary passport have been made. This procedure has managed to Its Highness in 377 roubles of 50 copecks. Then Michael Kentsky`s dog by plane has departed to Geneva. Therefrom it also will go in a place of the new residing.

as to Katrin Deneuve the film star did not begin to get in Peter animals. To it crystal shtofs and wine-glasses with the Russian symbolics have much more attracted. At restaurant “ Hermitage “ to sell these graceful bagatelles to the actress have refused, but named gallery where Deneuve has immediately sent assistants behind purchases.

our comment on friendship of the prince and a mongrel look more low.