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Destructive power in Kanne removed secretly!

Action new Destructive power it is developed in Kanne. There, on a film festival, Nikolay Fomenko`s hero - the producer of a competitive film and main suspected of a crime made in Peter goes. On its trace there are operas Plahov and Horns. At the same time with them in Cannes lieutenant colonel Egors who on the quiet has issued and on documents to France goes also.

the French cinema-men - racists and idlers!

In the country of Gauls the film crew has spent 21 day.

- shootings were very difficult. All assistants - Frenchmen have appeared hypocritical people, idlers and racists, - director Sergey Snezhkin tells. - Be at me such workers here, all during the moment would be on the street!

but the aforesaid does not concern actors. By the way, one of roles in a serial - the French commissioner - Zherar Depardieu has played. Work with it lasted only one day. The director and actors were afraid that at Depardieu will begin star zakidony but it has appeared the present the hard worker. Though at that time Zherara had troubles: to his son were going to amputate a foot. In breaks between Depardieu`s shootings constantly kept ringing where - that by phone with a gloomy kind. However, as soon as the command to the work was distributed, all bad mood of the great actor disappeared.

to the actor - to the Arab have given licking

In one of Egor`s scenes meets the swindler. The day before it has given to it of money for tickets in the Palace of festivals - and remained with what. Certainly, at an unexpected meeting the lieutenant colonel starts to demand a refund. That agrees to give all and... Rushes nautek. Egorov - behind it. Only through any time he thinks that has by mistake accepted for the swindler of the film producer from the Arabian country...

this scene rehearsed some times. In one of doubles Frenchmen - gapers, seeing that the gentleman pursues the person with suspicious Arabian appearance of a respectable kind, have tripped the fugitive. In a flash there were gendarmes and have started to knit the poor fellow. While colleagues " have appeared in time; the Arab to that already had time to give licking and to latch on wrists handcuffs. Still half an hour the film crew convinced gendarmes that all event - a performance.

... The first channel has bought the rights to shooting of the reporting from the Palace of festivals.

- under this stamp removed also a part of episodes on the Red path, - Alexander Tjutrjumov (Egorov) tells. - have walked just once. But after all at cinema of one double it is not enough! I have decided to pass once again. The French representative of an eye has rolled out and whispers: It is impossible . But I have told the security guard eskjuze mua also has passed on the other hand. Has waved to the operator that it all has removed it. Has walked, I look, Habensky and Fedortsov come back. Well I and to it have suggested to repeat. They were surprised, and the Frenchman and at all already loses consciousness. We again the security guard eskjuze mua - and again on a ladder. And so three doubles also have removed!