Rus News Journal

Top - models in a dressing gown and house slippers

1 Linda Evangelista out of an image vamp looks years on 15 more youngly.
2 Reserved Elizabeth Herli was liberated.
3 Sheron Stone where - that has lost a knife for an ice splitting.
4 Liv Tyler with the father - the soloist aerosmit in the form of a talisman.
5 Alec Vek has turned to the devil - the cuckold.
6 the Madonna is similar to Sofia Rotaru in youth.
the Most known girls of the world perefotografiroval Zhil Bensimon, the photographer whom name the inventor of style House photo album . At it two main safe principles. The picture should be beautiful, and model - direct. And in models of Bensimon which - that understands: as - in any way itself - the publisher of thick glossy magazine and the husband of the model the Ale MacPherson.

its pictures - as flashlights: are remembered instantly and for a long time. Because familiar faces are pulled out from habitual images. Look.

Angelina Jolie is similar to Meduzu Gorgonu, with hair, it is exact snakes . Correct girl Liz Herli was liberated to an elegant sensuality.

the evangelist - not vamp, and the tenth-grader tempting the teacher of physical culture.

the madonna similar to Sofia Rotaru in youth.

exulting Sheron Stone, instead of a knife for an ice splitting compressing in hands own skirt.

and here perfect a black swan World podium, Naomi Campbell, not haughty, as usual, and simply silently happy with itself.

Gwyneth Paltrow, unusually simple, without its favourite intellectual prishchura...

Something the master, it is visible, has arranged girls; has convinced actresses and models that they not hangers for clothes and not a pig for another`s roles. Has tortured beauties at photosession and has pulled out from them characters.

and here to you, please: the suffering affliction Penelopa Krus completely not similar on otvjaznuju the Spaniard from a film the Girl of thy dream . Unlike its brilliant screen double quite to themselves men could throw such Penelopu, and it then - tears in a pillow to spill at night.

here Uma Turman, God knows as left an image of a cold secular lioness and reminding sleepy dvoechnitsu for which great happiness in life - to shirk lessons.

- defenceless weightless djujmovochka, from which mote it would be desirable to blow off Holl Berri. And to a head will not come that the girl with James Bond could finish...

so this exhibition somewhat revelation. To us have allowed to thrust a nose in a family album stars and to see, what they in life happen. It as is nice how to look, for example, at Putin in a dressing gown and house slippers.