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Vladimir Putin: I wanted to leave in taxi drivers

In January of this year there was a first book of known journalist Oleg Blotsky about the President of Russia - Vladimir Putin. Life history . Next week the Moscow publishing house Osmos - a press publishes the second - Vladimir Putin. Road to the power where life of gross national product and his family since June 1975 till December, 1999 is in details described.

- readers learn not only how Vladimir Putin has come to power, but also history of its acquaintance and mutual relations with the wife and children, - the author speaks. - I Hope that the main objective - to show Vladimir Putin and his wife first of all as usual people, as citizens of our country,

which words in the valid sense were a man of the people - it is reached.

today we publish one of heads of the book - Vladimir Putin`s monologue about the reasons of its parting with office on Lubjanke.

Vladimir Putin Tells:

- to Leave KGB or to remain is there was very difficult choice. For me it really there was extremely a difficult period - such the first and very serious lomka. But in due time, in 1975, I came for work which after my returning to Leningrad has changed radically because by this time the country has actually ceased to exist.

if on - fair the decision to leave investigation has blossomed hardly earlier and, as a matter of fact, it has not been connected with a policy in spite of the fact that and there there was a difficult situation. But nevertheless my leaving, strangely enough, has been connected absolutely with other circumstances.

I have quickly enough occupied if not key, anyway, such post at the mayor of Petersburg of that time Anatolii Aleksandroviche Sobchake who allowed to solve very many problems and the problems which were of interest for various business - structures.

but education was corresponding, and I never dared to solve those or other problems in interests of groups any there or firms. I tried, as it seemed to me, to operate in interests of a city and the country. Certainly, I could arrive correctly or incorrectly, could be mistaken, but, anyway, in the actions I was guided by such reasons.

and not to compromise Sobchaka, I have been urged at the first stage of the work in Lensovete to hide, where I actually am registered. Similar certain time was possible, as in Lensovet I have come from - under roofs - The Leningrad university where was the assistant to the rector on international contacts, as the employee of this educational institution. In general, it did not call special questions as Anatoly Aleksandrovich itself has come from university. And all it was clear, it to itself(himself) selected what people.

but, in - the first, I had an understanding that secret can become obvious and it, possibly, Sobchaka will compromise. And, in - the second, attempts to blackmail me because the information on my true place of work eventually has flowed away in business - structures have already begun. Has flowed away first of all from this managements where I worked. Has flowed away first of all from employees who have already left by then. And to me have begun to solve approaches with the request this or that question in favour of those or others business - structures.

and if I do not make it, interested people then there can be a leak spoke to me. After all around so many dishonourable people. Look back. But we, continued they, we will do the utmost, that similar leak was not, if this or that question dares in our advantage.

to put it briefly, actually me started to blackmail frankly, including as it is sad, and with use of deputies of Lensoveta. Basically in it anything especial was not, because business - interests get and into the deputy environment. And I fine understood it. So was always, is everywhere, and anything in it especial is not present. Therefore it also did not anger me. Simply I ascertained similar as the fact and have started to think what to do, and, naturally, it was necessary to make any decision.

during that moment I have approached to a boundary on which followed make the decision: or to leave Lensoveta and not to be substituted under blackmail, or to remain there, but already definitively beginning new life that meant parting with investigation. That is before me sharply there was a choice question.

Considering that security service was in such enough hover and it was valid at that point in time absolutely not clearly, a leah they will continue existence on a broader scale and if will continue, in what kind, I started to tend to to leave investigation. Besides, at that time, during that moment in the basic image the motivating has changed, and at me already became ripe the decision to make a choice in advantage of civil life, to try to realise itself in this quality. And when putsch has begun...

if I have not executed the order would change to the oath. If has executed, would break moral obligations which on itself in voluntary, naturally, an order has accepted when has come for work in Lensovet. And I during that moment proceeded simply from this that moral obligations above the formal. Finally it has served as the main incentive motive for decision-making on leaving from security service.

After all I the second official report - the first simply was gone - has written to day of putsch: on August, 20th, 1991. Why I so have arrived? Yes because there was a danger - and it for me was extremely important, here there were some motives, and I now will tell about the main thing, - that can try to use me in this situation for the decision of any internal political questions, even, say, trials. And here with it I was never agree! I came to minister to the Native land, the country, the people, came to carry out a certain problem, but not... Did not assume to be used for the decision any... Tactical internal political questions.

during that moment I simply really have counted all. We will admit, the management of the Leningrad management of KGB (and there there was general Kurkov - very decent, by the way, the person) will be replaced. In that situation there could be everything, and from me could demand any actions in these conditions. And I after all already considered, I will repeat that for moral reasons have not the right to carry out any orders against that power in which frameworks already worked in Lensovete.

And when I have understood that can put me before necessity of a choice between moral and formal obligations, I have taken simply in advance a preventive step. In - the first, I have made a choice in favour of moral obligations. And in - the second, I have undertaken a preventive step, believing that it at all should exclude occurrence of such situation.

but it is necessary to give to due my former heads: my fears substantially were vain, and it does not happen. The management has led very decently. And so actually I of nothing money changers. The same as did not leave Communist Party. The communist party of Soviet Union has stopped existence, well and I became non-parties. As here again. After all, as a matter of fact, all has collapsed.

When putsch has begun, I had very much a complex feeling. Very difficult! In - the first, I was not agree how events developed. Much about what then people who after that became the first persons at us in a city, region, the country publicly spoke, seemed to me erroneous. Their theses seemed erroneous.

after all I was engaged also in foreign policy questions, all - taki in investigation worked, and for me was then absolutely clearly that our unilateral disarmament in all directions good for us will not turn back anything. Our fraternisation with recent geopolitical opponents well moderately. And those who was engaged during this period in this fraternisation, did not know a measure. It was for me obvious.

but... Was also obvious and that the former system has already died. It simply is not present! And if we want to make something good for the country it is necessary to be in arising system, to do all within the limits of the possibilities to eliminate available bredjatinu and to deduce this process in any positive channel.

I have left investigation, when to pension to me remain, on - to mine, where - that about one year and several months. So to pension not dosluzhil. Apartments too were not. But, I repeat, very much there was a critical moment, this putsch, and it was difficult even to predict the further succession of events. After all anybody those days did not know, than opposition will end...

and at me - the wife, children. For this reason the decision was very heavy. And, to tell the truth, I on a broader scale then thought: if revolution ends with triumph putchistov and if me will not plant how further to feed a family how?!

If it is frank, thought: if it will be possible - I will go to a taxi to work, the blessing Volga has brought from Germany, I will bungle by the car, in a taxi I will begin to work. Because knew - if putchisty will defeat, to me already not to work anywhere: in university not to return, not to be arranged anywhere. Me would dismiss and would not allow to get a job anywhere. I fine understood it. Unique my care was - as with children how to provide their future...

Lyudmila PUTIN - about children

- Masha was born on April, 28th, 1985. During pregnancy I have rented one-room apartment in Commandant`s airdrome and there was absolutely one when term has approached. I remember, all the day there were houses, understanding that I should go to maternity home in the evening...

every other day Vladimir Vladimirovich has arrived to Leningrad... I always wanted, that the girl called Natasha. And Vladimir Vladimirovich has told: No, it will be Masha .

... Katya was born on August, 31st, 1986 in Dresden. Childbirth passed in German hospital at academy.... Masha has left on the father that, probably, it was very important. By the way, Vladimir Vladimirovich with it remained twice for five days. The first time when I was six months gone also me have put in hospital where did blood transfusion. And the second - when gave birth. And it, in my opinion, has played the big role in its understanding, it is how much difficult to be the homemaker.