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We choose, us choose... Lips do not coincide with noses!

appearance - not the main thing, main that the person was good - we when girlfriends are surprised to an unsightly kind of our elect declare... And girlfriends - that are right.

- the main thing for us at a choice of pair for ourselves - we at all always it have time to realise appearance... So the doctor of historical sciences Marina Butovsky - the leading research assistant of Institute of ethnology and anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the professor of the Center of social anthropology of the State humanitarian university considers. According to Butovsky, there are persons who are pleasant to all. For example, Anastas Vertinsky and Vasily Lanovoy. Who would argue: actors - one of the most beautiful in our cinema. But as to us to be, after all not nevertheless to them are similar...

as we choose them

Attractive appearance? And as mind, honour and conscience - Really we only pretend to be, as to it we attach significance?.

- simply too many in relations between the man and the woman depends on their external appearance, - Marina Lvovna speaks. - Each met person we we pass through consciousness and subconsciousness. Also we filter from whom it is possible to wait for one troubles.

girls who had problems with the first husband, do not want to meet more often other person only because new - the same type.

the first impression - the most exact

you meet the person and at once estimate it on variety of characteristics. Instant diagnostics occurs for 40 seconds. The first impression - really most objective. Because at this time the estimation joins subconsciousness mechanisms. Evolution experience helps us to search correct the potential partner. Ancient people estimated each other not from the point of view of modern parametres like DNA analysis, and on appearance, doing the main conclusion - a leah the elect to a continuation of the family is capable. If men and women made the wrong choice, the human race would end for a long time.

the woman should be big-eyed...

Criteria of beauty in the course of millenaries of sexual selection were developed strictly defined. A skin at ideal women smooth and pure. Eels and gnojnichki are excluded - they give out an illness of immune system, just as wrinkles - age. The person should have soft contours and not to be angular. The big eyes. The nose smaller within the population because there is no sense to expect a tiny nouse at the Georgian girl. Lips - chubby and bright. A chin - small, the triangular form. Slaborazvitaja the bottom jaw.

All this set will accept is not casual - he says that at the woman that`s OK with female sexual hormones and she can give birth to the healthy child.

... And the man

At men the good skin too should be bearded. If it is not enough man`s hormones, the beard grows badly.

the man narrow lips, high appreciable cheekbones and developed (but not to a lawlessness) nadbrovnye decorate arches. The standard of man`s beauty - a square bottom jaw with a chin acting forward. As at Bill Clinton, for example. And at all American presidents. It is no wonder that Schwarzenegger became the governor of California - national tastes have worked.

and now about hips

the Ideal woman unessentially thin model. The main thing that the parity of a waist and hips was equal about 0,68 (it, let us assume, at a waist of a hip of 69 sm - 100 sm). At such women - normal secretion. But as approaching menopauze at the woman the fatty fabric is redistributed - decreases on hips and increases on a stomach. So the primitive person, at all without knowing age, could do conclusions. At men the hormonal status is perfectly in order, if a parity of volume of a waist to volume of hips equally 0,8 - 0,9.

at the Secret of the ugly person

Look at a photo of the elect or the darling and mentally divide the favourite person half-and-half. An eye, a nose wing on one half will be a bit more. If differences are strongly appreciable, the person is considered ugly. Classical nekrasavtsy - Jean Pol Belmondo, Barbra Streisand.

nevertheless they are pleasant to us, because still while nobody cancelled charm.

the Choice of women: Vasily Lanovoy.
the Fashion on appearance

Marina Lvovna considers that the fashion on thin women has arisen when products have ceased to be deficiency, and large dimensions - a mammon sign.

one more unnatural thing - a fashion on short hair. Really, to someone they go more. But initially long plaits were more attractive and interesting to men.

40 seconds have passed. What further?

After the first visual estimation of appearance the reason enters. Besides the nice person and a figure you start to see behaviour of the person, mind and sincere qualities. The combination of all circumstances also will yield result: You will be together or all erotic impulses will silently die.

there is an OPINION

Sergey ZVEREV, the stylist:

- In our country a beauty ideal, certainly, Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko. And here to the young ladies far from an ideal, it is necessary to study the person carefully. There are much enough simple ways by means of cosmetics and a hairdress to hide the lacks and to underline worthiness. If the situation is hopeless, it is better to be spent for the cosmetic surgeon once. Besides for a long time it is proved that frequently such operation carries also psychotherapeutic action. Having cleaned, for example, a small hump on a nose, the girl becomes more self-assured that should notice associates.

Efim SHIFRIN, the actor of theatre and a platform:

- I played one performance together with Lenochkoj Safonovoj. And so, it seems to me, Lenochka all is good: it is beautiful, clever and talented. And to all to whom has not carried by nature, I can tell one: not the person the person - the person paints the person, and.

Larissa GUZEEVA, the actress:

- Personally the doll face does not call any interest me - well unless to look at minute two and there and then to forget. They all identical, many today`s ideal models: the identical lips, identical noses - as if all of them are made under a carbon paper. For me the most attractable is person Fanni Ardan. At it it is so much passion in eyes, it is so much energy what to look at it - it is a pleasure. And to all girls who have not the most correct lines, I can advise only one: it is necessary to behave in the good physical form (the eyes which have swum away by fat still painted nobody) and to be enamoured of life.

and still we choose to ourselves pair...

... By life experience

Some girls like men in points. Subconsciously they try to find to themselves in companions the man who read much and in every possible way spent sight. For intellectuals really to search among men in points easier. If want, points - the accessory indicator to intelligency.

Americans have decided that the most ideal appearance - at Michel Pfajffer.
... On a nationality

Now many Europeans and Americans were fond of Japanese, Chinese women, Filipinos - girls with mongoloidnymi features. These girls look younger in comparison with the contemporaries - Europeans. And for the woman of one of attractive lines the age is. Besides in east countries the image of the man - the mister that to the Europeans who were tired of emancipated compatriots, very much does not suffice was cultivated.

... On interests

Often we choose the partner with similar vital installations. If the woman is inclined to risk, most likely, she and the husband to herself same will choose, that together with a parachute to jump. If the husband all time risks, and the wife to be at home, it will soon find to itself(himself) the climber - skalolazku and she is a timid guy in library. Interests at people should coincide. Therefore so marriages between representatives of one trade - scientists, actors, physicians are frequent.

... On growth

Americans have conducted research, and was found out that from 800 pairs all in one wife above the husband. At the man when he sees the woman above growth, often works the forbidden mechanism. The husband always was considered as the defender and the family head so is simply obliged to look at the spouse haughtily .

the Most attractive difference in growth considers, when the husband above the wife to 10 centimetres.

but at us criteria of beauty recently were displaced and the pursuit of image a top - models has begun. It is normally conceived, when low the rich person is on a secular reception accompanied by a long-legged stem on a head above.

and HOW At THEM?

Cosmeticians have deduced the formula of ideally beautiful woman`s face from California. Tens " have been for this purpose studied; sex - symbols different times and the people, employees of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the best mathematicians of America, cosmetic surgeons and even psychologists were involved in researches. All this army of scientists has found out that ideally beautiful woman`s face is defined by a proportion between nose and mouth size. The mouth should be wider approximately in 1,62 times than a nose.

to this formula there corresponded only one person of Hollywood - actresses Michel Pfajffer. Having learnt about this opening, Michel has declared that has already reached that age when the woman starts to understand: to look sexual, it is not so obligatory to have eyes of certain colour or a chest of appropriate size. The true understanding of sexuality and beauty comes in the course of time. I have passed this way and now accurately I know: the beautiful face or well combined body is only 30 % of your success at men .