Rus News Journal

The circus has left, and clowns cut

the Dark staircase standard devjatietazhki. The door opens rumpled muzhichok with a distinct smell peregara. At it the tousled hair, not clasped trousers and a sweater full of holes. He invites to enter, but we are rumpled on a threshold - in a corridor lies... A bear.

in two-room apartment a she-bear the Isabella lives in the big room. Small became a drawing room, and the owner, Valery Grigorevich Bannikov, sleeps on kitchen.

while we gather for walk, the owner tells that the Isabella has already grown from a small muzzle, and to the adult has not grown yet. Therefore walks while so .

we Meet neighbours - Nikolay and Lehu. Muzhiks refuel moonshine and play chess on any box.

- as we live with a bear? Cheerfully! - rocking, Nikolay explains. - I of all visitors result in Valerka.

and Alexey tells that itself was closed up by the circus actor:

- It forces a she-bear to me on a back to jump. I am afraid to move, and Valera: Hundred gramme you will pour, then will release . Certainly - I shout. Even hundred fifty I will pour!

as the bear of the thief has split

the Isabella in a court yard jumps, goes on a log, goes for a drive from a hill. But people on us do not convert attention.

- have got used. I already half a year a she-bear in apartment am insolent.

- and the militia does not touch?

Having grinned, Valery Grigorevich remembers, how couple of years has helped to split the gangster back.

- it went to refusal. And I from a zoo where worked then, have brought a bear. Not it, another. Only have started in the chamber as the prisoner has started to shout that all will tell.

- as in a zoo to you a beast have given? Here to me, for example, will not give.

- when in 93 - the m left with tours to Germany has handed over in a zoo a she-bear. The contract have made that then a bear cub in exchange will give. Truth now to take a bear did not want. Yes to live on something it is necessary.

it is necessary to go To favourite cafe of the trainer by a trolley bus. But with a beast in transport do not start up.

- when it was less, started up. I on hand-rail will plant it - she somersaults, and the people have fun. Even for journey of money did not take.

we go on foot. The isabella grandly trips on a lead, as a usual mongrel. But suddenly jumps on a booth counter. The saleswoman squeals, and Valery Grigorevich, having pulled down a beast, has few times put to it a fist in a muzzle:

- It is impossible for a beast to be wilful!

but the Isabella plays pranks and till it bleeds bites hands of the owner. That beats her once again.

- be not afraid?

- is not present. The wild beast should know, who in the house the owner. Here in 80 - e years in Baku a house lion zagryz the boy. So at them the father of family and a lion has died has decided to become the new leader.

- And if at you the beast escapes?

- there is an unwritten law: do everything, but do not admit it to people. You can bite, beat, shout itself - distract its attention to.

Looking, with what work the owner keeps a lead, it would not be desirable to think of time when the beast hardly will grow up....

beer from a saucer

squeezes Into pub Bannikov the first, dragging behind itself an animal:

- Natasha, here a bear as promised.

the bloated saleswoman discontentedly watches, how the Isabella climbs up for a table and tychetsja a nose in a saltcellar. Local drunks try to stroke a bear. It grins and gets one paw... We should settle down in a public garden opposite.

- you Want some beer? - The owner stretches to a she-bear a plastic glass. She, as the person, tries to clasp paws capacity. That breaks.

- Eh, it was necessary to take a plate - so to it spodruchnee. And she loves beer. But only exhausted - it is not pleasant, when gases on a nose click.

the people from pivnushki gradually get over to our bench. Comes scratched and demands a satisfaction (in sense of beer - to fill in a wound).

- Here so always, - Bannikov jumps, - these drunks at first climb to a beast, then complain that them have scratched, some vodka demand. On all you will not save enough. An isabella, home!

the MENU

While the Isabella eats so:
the Water-melon 1 pieces (3 - 4 kg)
Apples of 2 kg
Tomatoes, carrots on 1 kg
Groats of 0,5 kg
Bread of 2 rolls
the Vegetable marrow 1 pieces
Egg 1 pieces
the Bone flour, yeast.
on the average - 100 roubles a day.


Valery Grigorevich BANNIKOV - the former circus actor. 58 years. Acted in circuses of Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Tver, Lipetsk and Germany. Now earns on life to itself and a bear performances on weddings, at schools and summer camps. The rate - 400 roubles for representation.

an isabella - the Himalaya she-bear. Was born in Lipetsk a zoo on January, 19th of this year Now 40 kg weigh. Growth in holke - 45 sm, on hinder legs - 1 metre. Adult Himalaya bears weigh 110 - 150 kg and grow to 2 metres.


I Ask to forbid this show...

Mstislav ZAPASHNYJ, general director Rosgostsirka, the national actor of the USSR and Russia:

- the Bear will necessarily recoup, and, probably, not on the owner, and on the defenceless child. After all this the actor often addresses to children. When the bear attacks, at once crushes a victim under itself and tries to remove a scalp. Claws at it on call, even when it in complacent mood.

it is a shame to me that this person, and I, seemingly, know it, names myself the circus actor: the real professional never will create threat for people. And that he abuses alcohol, increases danger. At the drunk coordination is broken, the animal can incorrectly explain its behaviour, and will work an attack reflex. Then it not to stop any more. When predators appear in hands at nonprofessionals, it leads often to tragedy. I sent letters in the government and the State Duma with the request to pass the law forbidding work with wild animals to people without corresponding permissions, but the answer have not received. I urge the Lipetsk authorities to forbid show and to prevent possible tragedy.

there was a CASE

And in Baku in apartment of veins a lion

Architect Lev Berberov tried to cultivate wild animals. Held at itself a lion and a puma. The lion King acted in a film Improbable adventures of Italians in Russia . During shootings it has escaped on street and has rushed to the casual passer-by. The beast was shot by the militiaman. Berberovy asserted that the beast simply wanted to play, and have got King II. Soon family head Lev Lvovich Berberov has died, and on November, 24th, 1980 King II has broken off his son to Rum and has seriously wounded wife Nina.