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Autocivil war

idea autocitizens certainly, useful and necessary. With these arguments deputies also operate, justifying adoption of law. After four months of work OSAGO, akkurat on the threshold of elections, people`s choices suddenly begin to see clearly and decide to finish a nightmare for motorists. To suspend the law till July, 1st, 2004.

national avengers

All it looks like badly hidden piarovsky a course. Really anybody from deputies and has not found time to read the law before voting by its acceptance? For certain read. And obvious flaws in it too have noticed. But have kept silent, therefore as - road a spoon by a dinner. It is said that in the spring deputies were under charm insurers. Now the moment when interests of deputies directly depend on interests of voters.

and here 30 million motorists have felt care of. And 5 from them who has already paid money for the policy, have found illusive possibility of their return. vykolachivanija money from insurers the State Duma should prepare the mechanism for the end of October when the second reading of the bill of the moratorium on " will take place; the autocitizen .

But if all so is serious why government not to accept the decision, it is at least temporary (before acceptance or a deviation of the disputable bill) resolving to motorists to register the cars and to pass checkup without an insurance presentation? Millions Russians would sigh easy and, maybe, have lifted in New year a wine-glass for the prime minister and its retinue.

that waits insured

But even if the insurance companies dodavjat to a refund, insured clients will receive no more thirds of the sum which when - that have given. Why? For example, you have paid for the annual insurance policy of three thousand. Four months, or third of year, have already passed. Means, to return should two thousand. But you receive on hands hardly more than one. Arguments of insurers will be approximately that: we have incurred expenses... Who will disagree, that should be converted into court. In this case the refund loses any sense - the insurance - you will lose that.

reoffset of obligatory insurance policies in voluntary also will be fair only at free prolongation of periods of validity of policies at least on half a year. After all before adoption of law about OSAGO the voluntary insurance cost twice less.

the Future autocitizens

In the most iridescent prospects for which deputies today struggle, tariffs on obligatory insurance will be sharply lowered, and for invalids and veterans privileges are provided. Promise if not to exclude, it is essential to reduce quantity of points on recourse (to exaction of the sum paid by insurers from the insured originator of road accident). Should disappear and restriction by quantity of the persons admitted to driving. The amendment providing acquisition of one policy even if you own several cars will be brought.

if all amendments will pass - the law it becomes valid civilised, but a leah long it will exist in such kind?


After acceptance by the Duma of the law on a delay autocitizens in edition phone does not stop. Here only some opinions of the Russian motorists:

- Yes as I concern it? Very badly. Tariffs should be lowered, not all can pay such money. Even rich a nose wrinkle, when it suggest to pay. Naturally, it was necessary to think and then, and now. Yes, the tariff needs to be lowered, but to cancel it is absurdity. It is insulting for people, it is impossible people so to stir up!
Haritonov the Lion, the deputy director Rosgosstrakh - Tula .

- I not a ram that me to drive in flock! And such millions. Make such insurance that I have wanted to be insured...
Igor, Moscow suburbs.

- I, the driver with 50 - the summer experience, for cancellation autocitizens . Why? Because I go many years and I consider that necessity for it is not present. Everyone is responsible for itself(himself), and it is a Draconian law. For my life I, certainly, had small failures, but serious - never.
Molchanov Evgenie Petrovich, the driver`s experience since 1952.

- I was lucky enough to update the Zhiguli in August. A blackmail method, I consider, from me have taken away the insurance 2700 re. In my opinion, the policy should cost exactly three times less.

And if since January, first us will land from cars without our consent, it will be even more terrible: cars or will not come back, or owners will receive them in an indecent kind.
Victor, Magnitogorsk, 50 years.

- I for law cancellation. Just to me to do? At me checkup comes to an end in October, what, me about new year the car on a trick to put? Why the government follows the tastes of insurers? At what here checkup and the insurance? At me the normal car, I can pass without any purchases of the insurance.
Vladimir Mitrokhin, Vladimir.