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On 30 - letie Sergey Bezrukov`s wife has presented to it the house

Bezrukov I zauvazhala not when it has agitated all country with Sashej White and its freaky the Brigade . I admit fairly, zauvazhala Bezrukov after it... Married actress Irina Livanovoj.

Who knows them lavas stori that, I hope, me will understand.

Sergey in appearance the self-confident handsome man in itself - the actor. Irina too the beautiful actress, but when they have got acquainted with Sergey, already was married and had quite adult son. In such situations if there is a love men see for themselves such exit from it is more often: pomatrosil also has thrown .

Bezrukov as regards man`s honour has appeared at height.

me pulled to it as a magnet

he has seen for the first time Irina in 97 - m on Mosfilm . Has arrived to Ivan Dyhovichnomu in connection with shootings in a picture The crusader - 2 . About itself during that time spoke so: I only have received the State award for Yesenin`s role and was such self-confident. Made advances to little girls. Veins by a principle: Figaro here, Figaro there. The more, the better. And any obligations .

And here has seen very beautiful, stylish little girl and has thought: and after all anything so...

the Crusader removed in Rhodes. And there, on a beach, has seen it sunbathing the topless. She also did not suspect that on a beach there can be still someone, except Germans with wives (all group has left on shootings). Having seen Sergey, terribly was confused and feverishly began to put on.

- as then I it did not know the actor absolutely, - Irina remembers, - did not read about it, heard nothing, though it already had sensational theatrical works, scoring Dolls . And here on a set saw that it as if the sun, all shined.

Then they had all as at cinema. It to it has appointed appointment. She suffered: it would not be desirable to speak to itself then: Stop and where I was with the reason? but me pulled to it as a magnet .

There was an inevitable. And next morning all film crew departed to Moscow. Irina was in terrible confusion.

- I the person conscientious and concept fidelity did not conceive as an empty phrase. I realised that have made something bad in relation to the son and to the other life.

the rejected spouse has refused to play

At it there was a husband, known actor Igor Lebanons, but during this period any more was not... Love. The union kept on a habit, on desire not to hurt the child - to son Andrey.

- I understood, at Serezhi life - a blank leaf, most likely, our relations should end. Once even has told that we do not need to see. But in one and a half year he has made a declaration of love to me. And it was the main thing. Though he did not call me in the light future, I have understood that I all the same should leave that family.

its girlfriends spoke: You that, have become crazy?! At it - success, soar, backs - mum with the father. He is a star boy and does not take responsibility for you .

At Irina backs were not. The father from mother have divorced early and when she was 11 years old, mum has died of a brain tumour. Irina with the sister was lifted by the grandmother. But soon and it did not become, when Irina has entered theatrical school.

Having dared at divorce with Livanov, she, as a matter of fact, has stepped in anywhere. It was difficult. At night she wrote down on TV the program Shop on a sofa to earn on life, and took away the child in school in the morning.

after the Crusader they have still acted in film together with Bezrukov. In the Chinese service and a serial Love a point ru where to Sergey have suggested to play an image rejected by Irina`s heroine of the spouse, and he has refused from superstition and has chosen other role.

in the wedding day played Amadeja

He has made its the proposal at Theatre on Taganke, directly in a make-up room.

as then itself admitted: I have suddenly understood - everything, it is time! For two years on us so much dirt it has been poured out. I have solved, we should be impregnable. The civil marriage is an irresponsible status. Irisha thus demanded nothing. She led this life without murmuring. It has made an act - as in a whirlpool a head. I could not betray such woman .

the Rhythm of life at Bezrukov the terrible. During shootings in a serial the Brigade slept in three days on the fourth. Played performance in the evening, went on night shooting, acted in film till the morning, came home, slept three - four hours, had breakfast and went further.

In the wedding day played in MHATe in performance Amadej . But wedding night he has presented to it in Metropole .

After check in it had to replace a magnificent dress of colour of a tea rose with more modest - white of thin wool and fur. In it sat in a box at performance. In Metropol Sergey has brought it on hands. Their number rolled all in colours.

Nobody will prevent after banki siganut in water.
It is jealous it... To a podium

Sergey`s Parents have courageously conceived its decision. Though what it was?! The unique son, and here the woman with the child and a loop of gossips and hearings.

- They at it tremendous people, - Irina speaks. - mum - unusually warm, the father - the strong and kind person. In such family the son could not be another. I have understood, whence in Serezhe it is so much heat. On a broader scale at it surprising mentality. After any terribly emotional performance it leaves, of course, tired. But it does not have any nervous note in a voice. Does not sleep at times on three days, and early in the morning rises and serenely smiles, as the child.

with Irina`s son - Andrey - relations at Bezrukov friendly. If argue, they are closed in a room together and speak on - muzhski.

Servants at them in the house as it is now fashionable, no.

- That another`s person shifted my things, was present at our dialogue is not on me. I watch education of the son, behind order in the house.

a brigade on the TV Irina could not look. For one reason that at Sergey there love scenes.

- At theatre I easily such conceive, and on the TV I can not. I understand that 20 persons on a platform. But all the same...

and it cannot suffer, when it goes on a podium. Irina after all also model.

once it has appeared on display of a collection of designer Tani Beljakovsky (it Irina`s old girlfriend and, by the way, did suits for performance about Pushkin where Sergey stars. In its suit it has arrived to the Kremlin palace, becoming the Person of the year And then he has voiced the wife: When you leave on a podium, I look at all at you, and on reaction of men. I would like all to kill!

P. S. Irina has given out to us in secret that will present to Sergey for an anniversary: I rented far - far from Moscow the house with a fireplace, near to it a bath on pontoons, on water. There, far away from the noisy world, we also will celebrate. And about the second part of a gift I will hold back - too intimate .

They make a pair
About fanaticism
Sergey Yesenin`s Fan. Dreams to shoot films about it and about Pushkin.
Irina does not love any fanaticism, but only not in the relation to little son Andrey and the family.

last read book
Alexey Slapovsky. the First second coming .
Eldar Ryazanov. summed up .
the Alchemist
Paolo Koelo, Elena Roerich`s Letters and Natalia Pravdinoj`s book.

Favourite music
Singer Sezarija Evora, Russian national songs, bards, Vivaldi, Mozart.
does not love a techno and a heavy rock. Loves the French chanson, meditative music, Vivaldi (in the childhood played a violin).

Favourite dishes
Buckwheat cereal for a breakfast, a fried potato, a chicken or beef - a grill. Drinks tea a floor-mat from presented by the wife kalebasy.
Fish (as itself has thought up and has said in advertising, - present river ), especially a sterlet, seafood, a good shish kebab, nuts, fruit.

Suits of the Italian designers prefers clothes
Along with Versace jeans and Dolce and Gabbana suits wears clothes of the Russian designers.

favourite perfume
Givenchy pour Homme
Estee Lauder Pleasures Intense