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Changes in traffic regulations: Include since morning of a headlight and dump speed

C on January, 1st new Traffic regulations on which are forbidden parking on sidewalk and departure " will start to operate; Gazeljam in an extreme left number, and also the duty is entered to give cars to agents of national security under their requirements. But, as it has appeared, officials of it have not enough.

So, what the newcomer expects motorists? In Ministry of Transport the document on which headlights will force to include in the winter period (from October, 1st till April, 15th all of us) prepares and to lower speed in settlements to 50 km at an o`clock.

as to the first offer - so both of us hands FOR ! After all more recently in a heading the Autoeducational program in a material Attention, twilight! (on September, 6th), we just also urged all drivers to go in bad weather and in the winter with a passing light as it becomes for a long time in Scandinavia. And the faster these rules of a good form will be legalised - the better. After all it will lower intensity on roads and will help to reveal all motorcyclists and bats - faulty cars with one burning headlight or on a broader scale without them.

As to restriction of speed in settlements to 50 km/ ch, we categorically against! For example, in the same Europe where similar restrictions exist, local authorities do not forget to expose the signs, allowing to go quickly on wide intracity highways. At us in Moscow, for example, on the third ring it is impossible to go faster 60 km/ ch. And it contributes in enrichment of the GAI officers working there with the big enthusiasm. With restriction of speed to 50 km/ their hour salaries considerably will increase, wherefore on any prospectus, free from stoppers, it will be possible to fine all successively.