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Abramovich goes on a record: $58,450,000 for the player

the Most expensive toy in the world - the London club Chelsea - has managed to Roman Abramovich in 185 million dollars. The governor of tundra edge is not quite happy with creation of the hands.

after all the absolute record of the English transfer market belongs at all Romanu Arkadevichu. Abramovich`s the most expensive acquisition - Irish Damen Daff - has managed to it only in 27 million pounds. And here the richest club of the world Manchester United last year has laid out for defender Rio Ferdinand of 30 million.

Roman Abramovich has decided to correct this misunderstanding and has made to an Everton the offer which it is difficult to refuse. Abramovich is ready to pay 35 million pounds for a rising star of English football, 17 - summer forward Wayne Runi.

the Fellow became the most young debutant in the history of English national team, having played the first match at the age of 17 years and 111 days. Thus the child prodigy was noted by a goal. Bekhem after they together with Runi have gone on a ball in gate of Macedonia, has declared that intend to sponsor zabivnogo the boy. And the known priest - singer Robbie Williams has considered it as honour to sing Runi on birthday.

However, at the fellow nasty character: the police already investigated incidents when it distributed malotsenzurnye characteristics to fans of the rival. And here over such bestowal turn now, as kites, Abramovich`s agents. They promise to Runi the salary in 80 thousand pounds a week. It even more than the leader of modular Ireland earns Daff!

Functionaries an Everton beat off as can. The press - the attache of club Jan Ross has declared literally the following:

- Not all in the world is on sale and bought. Wayne - our property. We have grown up it not for the sake of Abramovich!

however, despite bravura statements, position of the Liverpool club more than desperate. Debts of the command from the native land Beatles make just that magic figure - 35 million pounds. Having sold the nugget, the club at one stroke solves all financial problems. Abramovich is adjusted resolutely. It not absolutely accepts an attack line Chelsea and attempts to buy Christian Veri and Terri Anri while break from - for not clear obstinacies of presidents of their present clubs.