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Care of a foreign car - is more expensive than whims of the wife

the Basic difference of the Russian motorist from its foreign colleagues that he chooses the car heart. It is pleasant - I will save money and the purchase. And here the same burghers first of all get accustomed not to the car price, and to in the further operation of the car how much will manage. And in it there is a rational grain.

Aspiring to reduce as much as possible the price for the car, manufacturers prevail overestimate of the prices for car maintenance service. So free the guarantee does not happen. That is why there is a sense to count, in car operation for its best years how much will manage.

run on time

those cars by which do not go do not break only. The others can “become kolom” on the first kilometre. The guarantee in this case also is the buffer between the furious buyer and factory - a pier, are guilty, we will correct.

Now the guarantee is given by all motor-car manufacturers, and they differ only periods of validity or run limits. On domestic cars the guarantee from the manufacturer reaches a maximum of two years, and some foreign motorcar giants are charged for the production already to 10.

Guarantee period, however, can end much earlier if “guarantee“ run of the car is limited. For example, 100 thousand. And average annual run of the Moscow car is equal 15 - to 20 thousand. That is at the best the car remains on a guarantee to the little more than 6 years.

Lexus $60000 - “Lexus“ - one of the most expensive cars in service. For example, 80 000 km cost 800 c.u.
the Price of free repair

to the Majority of motorists a guarantee in wonder, and many are assured that on all its extent it is necessary to be spent only for gasoline.

we will begin that the guarantee is valid only at obligatory passage THAT on firm services. And, as a rule, the more “problemless“ term, the is more often you should fork up on preventive maintenance. Monetary investments in the car are not limited to expenditure for THAT. Everything that usually name expendable materials: brake blocks, filters, candles, butter and operational liquids, - the driver buys for the money. In the service centre of the price for them usually above, than in shops, also it is not deprived sense to be reserved by necessary details in advance. The list of preventive works is in the service book of the car. In the same place necessary parametres “rashodnikov“ are specified.

Value added services

By the way, quite often already at purchase of the car to you can suggest to prolong a guarantee. For an additional payment. Services such are offered by official dealers. Certainly, temptation to receive couple of years of problemless life of a car it is great, but they will manage to you in 500 - 900 dollars. Probability of that you “will get“ with repair for such sum, is insignificant.

Toyota Corolla - $15000
At times dealers under the threat of deprivation of a guarantee demand from the client to establish the alarm system or a radio tape recorder only in the technical centres. It is illegal! To the owner impose service for which besides more often it is necessary to pay more than in the firms occupied with installation of such equipment. On “iron“ the general guarantee operates. There was a rust - a detail should repair free of charge. However, usually manufacturers stipulate: the body status needs to be supervised periodically. In practice it, as a rule, means that skoly and scratches it is necessary to eliminate at own expense.

the majority of modern cars does not need additional anticorrosive protection, and in the service book about it there is no information. So to refuse guarantee repair for this reason HUNDRED have no right.

it is considered TOGETHER

And babes ask money

One of the most popular and accessible cars “Toyota a Corolla” is on sale in Moscow from 14 to 20 thousand dollars. Add here cost of obligatory trips on servicing (differently will lose a guarantee) which comes nearer to $3 thousand, and you receive already other sum.

cost (in dollars) works, spare parts and expendable materials on the car of Toyota Corolla 1,6 MT at run from 0 to 100 000 km within 3 years.

the Kind of works Cost of works Cost of spare parts
THAT 10 000 60 60
THAT 20 000 110 95
THAT 30 000 60 60
THAT 40 000 250 140
THAT 50 000 60 60
THAT 60 000 110 95
THAT 70 000 60 60
THAT 80 000 class=article - text> THAT 90 000 60 60
THAT 100 000 110 95
Replacement of lobbies torm. kolodok 55 96
Replacement of lobbies kolodok and disks 60 500

P. S. Consider that year through 3 car in the market will cost an order of 10 thousand dollars.

and HOW At THEM?

the USA

On a guarantee - spending the night in hostel

Our correspondent in Washington Andrey KABANNIKOV has got the Korean car, a guarantee on which - 10 years or 160 thousand kilometres.

some of too pretentious acquaintances were perplexed: how it, living in America, you have suddenly got the South Korean car? They did not know the main thing: Struggling with reputation not so reliable and fragile, Koreans have offered the best in the USA a guarantee.

it means that very much - very long I will be not not comprehended by a headache and the additional expenses connected with repair of the engine and a suspension bracket for the present new KIA Sorrento. The nearest service station is in 20 minutes from the house. Turns there practically are not present. The first session has occupied THAT about 2 hours. I have paid only for butter - about 20 dollars. Me have asked to come after each 8 thousand kilometres free of charge to eliminate all problems. So, they promise, will be the whole 10 years or 160 thousand kilometres.

and if the car breaks directly on road, the accumulator will be discharged, will lower a wheel or simply gasoline will come to an end? Within 5 years the firm guarantees round-the-clock and free “first aid“ in all territory of the USA and Canada. For this purpose the network from 17 thousand stations of the technical help on duty is involved.

Breakage serious, and I have got stuck for a long time? If it happens more than for 240 kilometres from my house, and breakage is protected by a guarantee, the firm is ready to pay a lodging for the night in hostel and a supper, having spent for it to 300 dollars. Thus she both will reserve hotel, and delivers in it become bezloshadnym the client.

practical Americans are not ready to essential automobile expenditure, except for gasoline. The majority of them try to sell new, on our concepts, the car because the guarantee on it (its usual term in the recent past comes to an end made three years). 10 years offered KIA and Hyundai, have punched a gap in the overflowed American market and have forced other companies to raise the obligations essentially.

Average cost normo - hour on service of cars in Moscow (in at. e.)
Audi 50
BMW 25
Ford 25
Honda 30
Hyundai 30
Kia 27
Lexus 50
Mazda 24
Mitsubishi 20
Nissan 45
Skoda 22
Suzuki 33
Toyota 40
Volkswagen 20



Mutual responsibility

More than ten years` operating experience in the Western Europe German cars of middle class - at first BMW, and then “Volkswagen Passat“, as a whole has left at me favorable impressions. At the same time at relative reliability of both stamps and a decent parity the price - quality their service manages expensively enough.

standard THAT of “Trade wind“ including change of butter and filters, steams of bulbs and the general diagnostics, can quite pull on 400 - 500 euros. It is considered that these can be limited on everyone ten thousand run. In practice you visit on trifles firm car-care centre where on you get “file“, much more often - once a month. After all it is necessary to change also brake blocks, to regulate a descent - disorder... And is better with it “thy“ car-care centre consults. Though it costs hardly more expensively, than the first workshop, but on it you use all guarantees which are fixed in the service book.

for quite some time now large automobile houses of type “Audi - Volkswagen”, “Mercedes“ and BMW have passed to new strategy, having closed on itself through system of postselling firm service of cars across all Europe. Now their new models cost cheaper a little, and spare parts, to the contrary, rise in price. If to type spare parts at the price of car-care centre on the new car they in the sum will cost three times more than the car in a motor show. That the company does not gather additionally at sale in a competitive pursuit of the client, it with interest returns at servicing. They to the firm service fasten the client reliably.

German manufacturers have extended a three-year guarantee to spare parts, but replace them at breakages only with blocks. On the one hand, like it is favourable, and with another - even at besplatnosti a new detail its installation is paid by you.

therefore in Europe there are whole tables of calculation of real cost of a car taking into account expenses on its service. They also should use at a model choice, sorazmerjaja its actual price for kilometre of run with the incomes.


“Toyotas“ climb in all cracks

For 9 months of this year in Russia is sold more than 135 thousand new foreign cars - more than for all last year.

the main sensation of the market of foreign cars in Russia - change of the leader. As we already wrote, the constant champion of last years - Daewoo - has conceded the first position of Toyota. The Japanese concern has sold 16 739 cars.“ The Uzbek Koreans ”- 14 185. Defeat“ in personal offset ”Daewoo Nexia from Ford Focus became the second important event.

As a whole in the market serious growth of sales of the Asian cars was outlined. Guys from the East have sold 72 624 cars in Russia is more than the representatives of all other countries together taken. For example, Hyundai has increased sales by 224 %, on 169 % Honda sales, on 120 % - Mitsubishi, on 98 % - Suzuki have increased.

Europeans were knocked down first of all by a high euro exchange rate. An exception make unless all three French stamps, and also Opel, but it, being concern GM part, till now is on sale for dollars. BMW sales have fallen to 5,1 %, Audi - on 7 %, Volkswagen - on 20 %, and its colleagues on concern from Skoda - and - at all on third.

the market of foreign cars grows in Russia fast rates. If last year all it has been sold 110 thousand foreign cars now following the results of 9 months this figure has come nearer to 136 thousand By the end of the year total number of sales closely will come nearer to 200 thousand cars.

it is possible to notice also that buyers even more often choose not heaped up second-hand “foreigner“, and the new car, let and more simple. Thus purchase prefer to make in the dealer centres, ready to give a guarantee, servicing and other services.

it is comparable?

what guarantees

Firm in Russia in America
JEEP 2 years/ without restriction 7 years/ 112 000 km
SUZUKI 3 years/ 100 000 km 7 years/ 112 000 km
CHRYSLER 2 years/ without restriction 7 years/ 112 000 km
TOYOTA 3 years/ 100 000 km 5 years/ 96 000 km
NISSAN 3 years/ 100 000 km 5 years/ 96 000 km
MITSUBISHI 3 years/ 100 000 km 5 years/ 96 000 km
SUBARU 3 years/ 100 000 km 5 years/ 96 000 km
VOLKSWAGEN 2 years/ without restriction 5 years/ 96 000 km
MERCEDES 2 years/ without restriction 4 years/ 80 000 km
VOLVO 2 years/ 100 000 km 4 years/ 80 000 km
AUDI 2 years/ without restriction 4 years/ 80 000 km
BMW 1 year/ without restriction 4 years/ 80 000 km