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the Formula - 1 on Vorobevyh mounts

Today in 15. 30 in Moscow for the first time in history Russia two well-known racers Fernando Alonso and Jarno Trulli will fly on race cars Formulas - 1 . The special line will begin from a viewing point on Vorobevyh mounts (an input free). The day before pilots have answered questions of the correspondent.

- how to become the racer?

- We, the pilots, all very different, - speaks 29 - summer Jarno Trulli. - and how to become the racer, I do not know. Personally I have started to be engaged in it only for pleasure. It has turned out!

- the desire first of all is necessary, - Spaniard Alonso to whom 22 years in the summer were executed responds. - and, of course, the first skills. Already then come skill and ability to risk. It very much is pleasant to me.

- Fernando, does not offend you, what you constantly compare to Schumacher?

- Michael - the fastest racer of a planet, and such comparisons should please. But all - taki I another. I would like all to achieve most and not to stop on one won Gran - at.

- Both of you single. A leah is it a part of command tactics to involve the most part of female audience?

- Yes! - chorus pilots have responded, but have then made a reservation. - actually we simply have not met while those women with whom would like to live all life.

- but how with you to get acquainted to Muscovites, after all you will be carried by tomorrow on a line and will leave?

- We will specially keep more close to spectators that all could consider our cars is better... Well and ourselves, - pilots have promised.

- For beginners I would advise advice to beginners only two things, - tells Alonso. - to be attentive and careful. This main thing. All the rest will be put. I have got the driver`s licence in 16 years and I remember that for me it did not become a problem. Has simply sat down for a wheel and has gone. On - to mine, it is simple. On roads I behave very accurately. Upon my life! Never I exceed speed. Why? Well I understand that it not a racing track. And then I, fortunately, the pilot Formulas - 1 also I can to leave all adrenaline on a line.

- and me it seems, - denies the young colleague Trulli, - to teach to drive the car it is impossible. Well it should be simple in the person or to appear. I too have not faced special problems during training. And on roads... It is possible to tell that too it is accurate.


do not get under a race car!

In connection with arrivals of race cars Formulas - 1 since 8 mornings on October, 18th to 5. 30 mornings will be completely blocked off on October, 19th traffic in area Vorobevyh of mounts - in streets Mendeleevsky, Academician Hohlova, Lebedev, and also round the main building of the Moscow State University.