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In Krasnoyarsk region the chicken has taken down... Hours

Galina Lashina from village Holmogorsky, the mistress of a fatal chicken, tells history of birth of unusual egg already, probably, in the 100-th time:

- in the Afternoon my husband has brought fresh eggs from a hen house. On one have noticed strange dents... Eggs have put in the refrigerator and have forgotten. All the day long we dug on a kitchen garden, and strong hurricane with hailstones in the evening has at half past six begun, in all village has cut down light.

and here Galina as if has lighted up: on egg the dial of hours has been represented! Have counted the dents similar on strelochki, them it has appeared exactly 12. The Roman figure six, and in " Was evident; an interval between six and seven hours it is visible a break - instead of a shell only thin plenochka. Galina considers that abnormal egg is an omen. a break the chicken " reminds the broken bark of the Earth, and; was delivered Precisely in day of hurricane, and a week later the Altay earthquake has come to Krasnoyarsk region.

the comment of the expert

Lydia DEMIDOVICH, the main livestock specialist of the Berezovsky integrated poultry farm of Krasnoyarsk region:

- I do not exclude that spontaneous anomalies can be the reason of grooves in the form of a dial on holmogorskom egg. To me workers of our factory told that after earthquake their house chicken have taken down eggs on which there were strips on number of pushes.