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Maxim Galkin has compared Pugachevu to Bagiroj from Maugli

the Parodist and the leader of the program Who wants to become the millionaire? Maxim Galkin continues to surprise public. Last year it has given a series of concerts And me 26? . Since October, 24th in the Kremlin will pass three evenings with not less intriguing name not LAST hero .

- the name of the new program is connected With a popular game show only indirectly, - Maxim has specified. - we should pass heavier tests in life. Here this name I declare: I am a hero. But not last!

the attention of spectators was already involved with colourful posters on which Galkin has appeared in image Maugli. It appears, Maxim was tired of smiling goals with inscriptions: Really fifty?! and on a broader scale ours show - business, according to Maxim, very much reminds the book of Kiplinga. So, Pugachevu can be compared to Bagiroj, and Petrosyan - with a bear to Ball...

Than the parodist at future concerts plans to surprise admirers? An hour and a half Maxim will devote to solo numbers, and other minutes forty will please public with joint original numbers with the invited stars. Most likely, Maxim will surprise spectators and absolutely new parody to A. B.Tem who on a concert cannot get, to be afflicted it is not necessary: in the near future the First channel will show them.