Rus News Journal

The dollar will be 28! All the same it we will not throw?

yesterday the dollar has fallen in price on a five-copeck coin. For 2003 - almost on 2 roubles!

and at Russians in mattresses it is sewn up by 30 billion green - the country half-budget. And owners of these grists for a year on 60 billion roubles became poorer. Just so much our state spends in a year for the maintenance of the president, the Duma, the government and all - all other officials. Present, as we could live more richly if have ceased to save dollars and have sent them back to America? To it also goes.

as soon as agency Moody`s has appropriated Russia an investment rating, bankers have started to get rid of dollars. And to whom it is necessary now - that? In the country soon packs investors with suitcases of dollars will tumble down. And where to us them to put? On bread to smear?

here the Central Bank also buys up now in their billions for a day. Instead of will buy up - the dollar exchange rate will fail to 25 roubles. Buys up for roubles and turns off an inflation stopper. On the eve of elections for the such can to turn off a head also. The Central Bank should choose - to hold a dollar or the prices. Will choose precisely last. The head is more expensive. And the dollar will release on a five-copeck coin in day. So it is fast, if the prices for oil, the maximum price " do not fall off; green can be 28 - 29 roubles.

here if only the people have not run to get rid of the mattresses . Otherwise we will receive not 28, and again 25 roubles for a dollar. All our $30 billion Central Bank cannot redeem. It is necessary to carry mattresses to America!