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The president prepares for break

If Vladimir Putin defeats next year on elections (and very few people doubts it), Russia will enter the period of radical reforms which in case of their success are capable to change structure of our society rather seriously. Igor Shuvalov (the former head of governmental body), nowadays the head of one of the Kremlin structures most closed for today one of these days has informed on it under the name " to journalists; Group on coordination of actions under the decision priority for Russia socially - economic problems .

the group included 27 persons - heads of all leading fractions of the State Duma, large officials, trade-union and regional leaders. It works in contact to the government and under home nursing of the head of the Office of the President.

but here the first stage of work is almost finished. The basic directions of reforms on which the public consent can be reached are defined, and in November members of group should present the operating time to the president. Time has come to show maps.

all directions of reforms five:

1. Creation of the market of habitation accessible to all citizens;

2. Upgrade of system of an average special and higher education;

3. Perfection of system of public health services;

4. Reforming of the military organisation regarding acquisition, maintenance with habitation, health protection and educations of military men;

5. Complex development of the Kaliningrad region.

in other words, rather radical reorganisation of all social sphere of the country is offered. In practice, if shortly, it means introduction on - to the present of effective system of mortgage lending, transition to paid education (for the state bill can study either the poorest, or the most talented, or three years which have served in army under the contract), transition to paid and insurance medicine. It is clear that these reforms will call ambiguous reaction both in a society, and among workers of reformed branches: doctors, teachers and etc. Therefore that they could be successfully realised, to their authors, and first of all the president, the powerful political resource is necessary. Otherwise instead of expected consolidation of a society it is possible to receive something opposite.