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Leah it was necessary to go on session of Islamic conference?

Dmitry ROGOZIN, the head of Committee of the State Duma of the international affairs:

- And why is not present? We have strategic interests and basic partners in the Islamic world and in the Asian region. Islam countries - a considerable part of the world community, also it would be strange to ignore it.

Vyacheslav NIKONOV, the director of fund the Policy :

- Is not present. Occurrence there Russia, moreover with the demand for membership, at least is strange. Islamic conference unites the Islamic states, and Russia that is not. Besides, at these conferences extremist statements so that, what`s happened, could be expected more often sound.

Berl LAZAR, the main rabbi of Russia:

- If it would be possible to predict in advance that has occurred in Malaysia it is not necessary. Though prompting of bridges with the moderate Muslim world - important undertaking. By it Putin also was guided, going on conference. Alas, its hopes could not come true.

Levon CHAHMAHCHJAN, the chairman of the Russian party of self-management of workers:

- Yes. It bears that Moscow gives great value to strengthening of relations with the Islamic world. However I consider that participants of conference could show more attention and respect for the head of the country which 20 million citizens practise Islam. I do not represent, that, for example, to the US president at a similar forum have asked to speak as the curtain fell .

Gisbert MROZEK, the correspondent news agencies RUFO (Germany):

- it is unconditional, costed. One scandalous statement cannot and should not spoil dialogue with the Islamic world. It is extremely important for many countries, and for Russia - in particular. After all the Islamic factor at you concerns the category internal political.

Boris BEREZOVSKY, the disgraced oligarch:

- it was necessary To go. But with an ideological position, and it there was not. Putin has read in advance prepared text and has shown a certain virtual desire to be good for all. Political unfitness of the power has been shown. The impression is made that neither it, nor its environment and have not understood that there has occurred.

Alexey MITROFANOV, the deputy of the State Duma:

- Certainly, it is necessary. It gives Russia weight in the Muslim world, it is pleasant to the Russian Moslems. Bush loses points, and we type. Also it is necessary to enter not the WTO, and in Islamic conference, it after all Islamic the United Nations, we should to aspire become its full member. We after all the large Muslim state, besides possessing the nuclear weapon.