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The guidebook to teenagers

What you on yourself have got on?! what for rubbish you listen?! well and friends at you! ... The more such remarks parents say, the less children try to explain something - all the same stupid adults in what do not drive. Here we also will help to drive . The hobby of the teenager is possible prosech on its slang, clothes, a hairdress and according to the employee of a children`s room of militia.

!!! This badge marks dangers which can threaten the child.


about five Years ago they hung out in stylish clubs, listened to electronic music and dyed hair in inconceivable colours. Then these parties have come to naught. Their followers became dandies and so-called gilt youth .


For them the main thing - adrenaline. Jump from mounts on snowboards, fly with tarzanki go for a drive on rollers... A favourite trick: to sweep on skejte on a bridge handrail in obnimku with the girl during a rain.

as put on: the Main thing in clothes - convenience. Therefore it should be multipurpose - to be unbuttoned in necessary (and unnecessary) places to have a heap of pockets not to be blotted and not to be torn.

run on roofs, jumps on bicycles and pryganie with parachutes anything in comparison with dangers which trap at a robbery of an ordinary stall. As it is healthy that to such degree the majority of them does not risk.

!!! Will break to itself feet - hands, and having recovered, will go to submit the Everest.


Name themselves street children . The main high - to dance a break dance under the rhymes.

as put on: Trousers for three sizes more than it is necessary. Thus they hang down so that it was visible a lion`s part family cowards. Behind the back a backpack into which all should get - from ballonchika with a paint to the tape recorder. On a head - dreadlocks, it is such sausages from elf-lock.

speak, dance is a vertical expression of horizontal desire. Easy, ancestors, davnym - for a long time dance, really, was a sensuality, and now it is gymnastics.

!!! Sometimes fight with skinheads though till now it is not known that they have not divided. Being engaged in the bottom break, can kill.


Skinheads have appeared in England in the middle of 60 - h. First - it is simple representatives of working class. Have expanded worldwide later and were transformed to fighters for cleanliness of the nation.

as put on: Black bomber (a short jacket), grey tolstovka with an almuce, the dark trousers which have been made narrower from below, and heavy army boots, it is frequent with thorns. An almuce navypusk from - under bombera. A head smoothfaced. When it is cold - in sharfike a favourite soccer team.

movement for the silliest. Mind suffices only on trying to motivate desire to fight struggle for ideas. Is better from it militiamen treat. But any bull who will lift malchonku for a collar will approach and all will explain to it.

!!! Abhor rappers, considering that a rap - music black and consequently - nedomuzyka . Fights between them come to an end often with traumas.

Dandies - party-goers (were rejvery)

Habitues of the closed clubs where start up only elite.

as put on: Expensively. To distinguish them it is simple on a label. Consider that good clothes - exclusively expensive and from the eminent designer.

earlier when we asked to increase the sum of our pocket money for 50 copecks in a week, parents thought that we contain the woman. But if they earn on the hobby what there can be questions.

!!! Constant shortage of money: your child will spend them on rags cosmetics and expensive tickets in advanced night clubs.


Strange people. Earlier this movement struggled for advancement of the western way of life in Russia, but now, when all and so it has promoted, transformed to absolutely senseless parties.

as put on: Collars with thorns, hair are collected in irokez. As a rule, like to paint them in all colours of the rainbow, the most favourite - green. Instead of jackets carry kosuhu and loose overalls with inscriptions an aria the King and the Clown Naivety . Put on leather black clothes even in the summer.

It seemed that they have died out together with a socialism. Try to learn, against what he protests. Suddenly will reflect: Indeed, and that it I... If after conversation you know reflect: irokez is better to stack by means of beer.

!!! Can become the finished addicts and repeat clients of a sobering-up station.

the Internet - dependent

Their problems - from shortage of dialogue. As a rule, are constraining and almost have no friends. Therefore reach for virtual dialogue, chatter in chats and to fermentation on the Internet.

symptoms are clear: Yandex is - mind it is not necessary. The recipe is simple. Acquaint him with interesting people, send in a tour, buy the ticket for a concert... It will manage approximately in as much, how much you pay to providers.

!!! The child at all will throw study, communicating with virtual friends. Plus on the Internet in your family will leave a fair share of the monthly budget.

children usual

Good children, pleasure to ancestors. Lessons sit also do or in any section are engaged. And such happen.

it is strange: with each generation children all is worse, and parents all is better. It turns out that more and more good parents grow from more and more bad children. Look, a leah in too echinoid mittens you hold them.

!!! Efforts, of course, and with them suffices, but same children.