Rus News Journal

Hi, nation young, strongly drunk

Remember advertising of diapers I drink and pisaju ? The child there drank any harmless compote, but, apparently, diapers can soon wrap up alcohol. Otherwise from what in the Moscow narcoclinic would open branch for children with alcoholic dependence? Business of doctors nobly also is necessary, but, in my opinion, hopelessly. Because they manage already ready cheerful and drunk product. By the way, even the adult alcoholic to transform into the usual person it is impossible. The rare recovered copies are doomed for the rest of the life never even beer to smell. The first drunk gramme will return all into place. And the earlier you will begin, the it is more difficult to fasten. I guess that the first children`s sobering-up station will be followed by the second and the tenth. In Moscow and other cities. Therefore as that - that, and business of deducing from hard drinking at us - a trade extended. It is necessary any newspaper or magazine to open to read One hour - and we at you . With a dropper and galoperidolom. There Is nedeshevo, but a road a spoon by a dinner.

it is good, of course, that doctors First aid have an increase to the beggarly salary, it is bad, what not from that end we make struggle against drunkenness. Children will drink, because the law on an interdiction of sale of spirits to persons is younger than twenty one years no more than fiction. Children will drink because to be tipsy - valour. Listen to conversations of adults. If in the morning someone from workers declares that feels badly because of yesterday`s excesses, on idea it needs to be dismissed at once, together with hungover hundred grammes. In a reality there is all just what isn`t needed. The heads sympathise with it, colleagues envy - has had a good time. The universal formulation has got drunk excuses at us any beastliness and a crime: vasja the good person, and with an axe for the wife ran, because vodka poor-quality! and anybody does not have a question why it has drunk up this bottle. Companions, it was necessary to it as - that to relax! And Vase, according to a known joke, I would advise not to strain, and at the same time and not to strain all the others.

as to children they too want to be simultaneously daring and gently sponsored associates. Also we will not cease to consider yet the drunk person lovely and ridiculous and we will not start to consider disgusting and unacceptable, they will drink. And from drunk dreams they will be torn off by the expert in narcology. For a short while.