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What to do with the neighbour - the alcoholic

In Natalia Prokopchik from Bibireva has called and has told about the bitter experience of joint residing with such the neighbour:

- We with a daughter - the invalid live in a communal flat. We huddle on 10 metres, and the neighbour - the alcoholic occupies mine next 17 - a metre room. If he simply drank are half-misfortunes. But recently we houses ironed clothes and have found out in it louses. I have gone at once to the neighbour to a room. Has shaken up its bed and hardly in a faint has not fallen: in their bed - darkness! Since then at me simply the paranoia has begun: I unboundedly washed clothes and tried not to leave a room once again.

from polyclinic the doctor has come, has looked at all at it and has run away. At parting only has advised to me to burn neighbour`s things. Before there have arrived experts from Sanepidnadzora and have disinfected apartment, I had to be converted into a large quantity of instances and in everyone to listen to refusal. A leah

is on such a justice? Leah it is possible to plant it, on treatment to send, from the house to move?.


to turn out the alcoholic - BUSINESS HOPELESS

the Call to militia

- Help! - I have nervously shouted, having called person on duty OVD the Airport . - the Neighbour - the alcoholic has got. At night at it a party. Music shouts, maids squeal, at daybreak on a fight ladder arrange. At me the child small does not sleep the second days!

- I sympathise, - the militiaman has told.

- thanks, certainly. And to do - that to me that?

- you be not nervous. Write the application, to you the divisional will come, to neighbours will talk. If the facts prove to be true, we will take measures.

- what?

- we will talk to it. Heart-to-heart.

is everything, what you can make?

- we can take away for 15 days and from themselves it povospityvat. But it will return and to the old will be accepted. On bolshee we is right we have no.

a call to a narcoclinic 13

- At you treatment free? - I am interested. Hunting to me to pay for any drunk!

- certainly, free, - tells me a kind female voice. - come, the child, be treated.

- yes it is not necessary to me yet, to me the neighbour - the alcoholic to hand over. Very much it has got me.

- so it to you to the divisional, - is explained by the aunty. - let it to us will direct him. And on a broader scale at us here voluntary treatment. If thy the neighbour does not want to come to force it has nobody the rights. You try to convince him.

the call

- At this unfortunate woman is few lawyer chances, - lawyer Sergey Vasilev has told to us. - In - the first, the majority of apartments and rooms is now in a private property and how it is possible to force to move down the person from its habitation? In - the second, in the present legislation of the bases for compulsory eviction it is designated very little. Here if the neighbour fought, spoilt or destroyed habitation, then another matter. But also that it should to call the special administrative commission. Its members within a year should make to the boozer not less than two official preventions. And only after that, if the person has not thought again, it is possible to write the petition.


Thanks to such the neighbour can receive separate apartment

Each time, when yours the drunk comes on eyebrows also starts to brawl (to shout, break furniture, to go to a toilet in the place not intended for it), call militia. Let make the report. Ask copies of these documents and store them till the best times. When papers will collect much, write the complaint to district court. There will be no one, write still, connect to business of other neighbours. Under your pressure the court anyhow should deal with this problem.

with the same papers and the text of the complaint written addressed to the prefect, be converted into local prefecture. If you live in a communal flat at certain persistence can count on reception of normal apartment with normal neighbours. Of Management of the city order us have convinced that practice such is also people with residing severe conditions leave communal flats first of all.

if you have suspicions that, except other, yours the alcoholic does not pay for apartment, nastuchite on it in the MISINFORMATION. Under the Law About bases of a federal housing policy which operates in Russia since 1993, malicious defaulters are obliged to move compulsorily.