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Blind the ideal Muscovite

Cāėāĸ a beautiful chest of capital

One of our editors again has spat at the computer monitor on which imposed the photo report from the next beauty contest, and has declared a juggling of results of voting. “ the linen rope sick of an anorexia cannot be pleasant to the normal muzhik, - he sobbed, frightening toshchenkuju avtorshu. - Where IT, I ask you?! And where THAT?! “ Lean avtorsha, instantly having flared cheeks, silently responded that but she eats also it it is quite possible to plant the sixth passenger in the car " a little; the Zhiguli “. And here the such has begun!.

some numbers back we declared gathering of the present national Muscovite. That is warm, native and even the big. From number in number we show to readers various slices of the well-known ladies` bodies and we suggest to choose pleasant by a majority of votes. Then we pass to a following element of a puzzle and it is gradually made the whole female figure. On the turned out identikit after we declare search of live analogue. This analogue will write out in edition where it will be treated kindly by gifts and it is infected by star fever. The most curious that this national beauty can appear your girl, the girl-friend, mum, the little sister and, you never can tell, the grandmother. So in your interests to vote actively. Modelling feet and Lyudmila Gurchenko`s waist and Vera Sotnikova back magnificent form have meanwhile defeated. In general, at us not stirring image of the stranger, and easier Lyudmila Gurchenko with the big back turns out. Probably, with such proportions the real girl cannot move independently. In this number we show a chest.

0. Even with such chest of Dan of Borisov it is considered sex - a symbol of our army.
1. Alsu and its costumiers demonstrate: the main thing not the size, and how it is submitted.
2. Julia Bordovsky with the “ golden mean “ it can be pleasant to any judges of a female chest.

0. Hey, I here. It while at all that, in what the editor has spat. But two my acquaintances - harmonous and flexible with an insignificant chest - have very considerably married. At nositelnits and admirers there is a number of advantages: it is not necessary to be spent for lacy features on 100 dollars for ounce (and so to carry them in a heat) and to lay down under a knife of the cosmetic surgeon aged for...

1. Oh, girls! It seems that it and has stood on majority border. Bljudtseobraznaja, playful poprygunja.

2. Around ninety. If fashion designers have started up in the Duma, they would pass the law on compulsory adjustment of all female population to the sizes. In sense - to the sizes of a dummy. The decollete would become an obligatory element of a uniform.

3. Irina Saltykovoj`s popularity grows together with the size of its bra.
4. Women like Elena Kondulajnen excite poets for the lines like “ the Chest road we will lay themselves “.
3. And 4. Simply big chest. There is a legend what exactly the admirer of these numbers has invented expression “ a chest forward “. When count Drakula only was born, to it have resulted the young wet nurse from the rural. Here the baby also has started talking: “ Is not present - is not present. Forward, a chest “. Later he has said the well-known definition “ the very picture of health “.

5. Very big chest. There is nothing and search. All girls with this size have left to work in spasatelnitsy Malibu and comics.

it is reminded rules

We collect a ladies` figure from slices. Slices we show in five variants. For what will vote more people, that and will take the place in an imagined figure. Yes - yes, “ it is possible to imagine anything you like “. But there is a border: on the turned out identikit we should find and award the present girl. And aliens do not participate in competition.

you can send answers and comments till Thursday to the electronic address: shalim@ or to designate by phone 257 - 50 - 30.