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The armed mad pedophile is searched - the radio fan

Radio fan Andrey Kakovsky terrorised the Moscow service of rescue (MSS) five years. Every day in the apartment it sat down the table which has been filled up with amateur equipment, connected provodka, the spit castors and left on a radio-wave of rescuers. Then pressed tangentu (it is such button on a portable radio set) and shouted hours, choking with a celebration: you - goats! Aggressors! Be cleaned!

sometimes simply intercepted the button an elastic band and forgot. On the channel there was a continuous noise. Negotiations of rescuers stopped. This technics is arranged so that accepts for time only one subscriber. The others listen and the termination wait. In a case with Kakovsky the termination could not come days. People vanished in autofailures, broke in an aether behind the help, and heard noise. Definitively all were got by cases with Kashirkoj and Guryanov`s street. Houses have jerked with an interval in days. Rescuers rushed to assort blockages and to pull out people. And Kakovsky overstrained, suppressing waves: It if only on heads to resemble! Kick them out, grabbers!

to involve for its foulness it was possible only recently. The radio fan has gone too far - has started to listen to private telephone negotiations. Sometimes for money. To it the employees who are engaged in disclosing of crimes in sphere of high technologies (Management " have come; To ) The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Andrey has run away, but in its apartment have found kgs logbooks . With maniacal accuracy Kakovsky summarised not only to a prowhisper, but also on a broader scale all tricks. As was imprisoned twice. As got imaginary enemies. As has got the site, the association, a badge to it, very similar to emblem MSS, only with other inscription - the Moscow service govnenija . All activity Kakovsky and named - govnit .

Next day after runaway it has come and has surrendered in Office of Public Prosecutor of Southern district. It have praised and have released under a subscription about nevyezde. While there was a consequence, the maniac has sold apartment, the car, garage and it was winded. Now is registered in federal search. It is armed and dangerous.

he constantly searched for enemies

the First time Kakovsky have planted for theft. Has filched technics at aged neighbours. Then it very much was fond of motorcycle races. The motorcycle should be lifted in apartment. In the fulness of the heart in apartment it it and ringleaders. Went. Neighbours have started to choke, mothers of the hooligan have complained, have written the application in militia. And once the racer has accurately opened apartment of rowdies.

- he argued so, - friend Kakovsky Dmitry tells, - neighbours will be converted into bodies and theft will not prove. But they will know, whose it is hands business. When forces will run low, will come to the offender and will tell: Forgive us. Really it is better to you to know, than to be engaged in the apartment . Andrey would return all.

in prison Kakovsky with boredom has stuck zhuchkov has screwed them in offices of the heads and listened, as by radio that they speak.

the second time has got in a maturity. Has beaten mother having many children. By then the radio fan has had time to marry, give birth two daughters, to divorce and divide children fifty-fifty. Has started to make radiomicrophones and determinants of telephone numbers. On a gain has bought the car, has collected garage. Other tenants were connected to it, has been decided to erect co-operative society. Kakovsky as the brainiest, have chosen in chairmen. And here this feldsheritsa with a heap of kiddies. Local medichka pogremela medals also has snipped off to itself garage. In co-operative monetary affairs did not participate. But, when the collective has bought the car shchebenki and fell asleep road, the lady has begun by buckets to drag it to itself in a mink. The chairman has warned. Has not understood. Then it has sat down in the car and in the face of the shouting woman has rolled a bucket in a wafer. Then half an hour drove feldsheritsu on area. Has burnt garage and has set the lady in a snowdrift.

- at it any perverted sense of justice, - argues Dmitry. - constant search of enemies. From it all misfortunes.

- and with rescue Service too justice search?

- well, - that is rumpled. - the service too a little bit was not right.

Nobody`s waves

It is Dmitry has resulted the neighbour in radioljubitelstvo. It has appeared, to the own harm.

- the matter is that a range of 27 MHz (Citizen band - a civil range ) Is such radio amateur site for which everyone without special knowledge can buy a portable radio set, think up a sonorous call sign and work without any rules, - the employee of Management " explains; To Feodor. - more often such portable radio sets put in cars. In the beginning 90 - h it replaced cellular communication and united on interests.

in cars MSS of portable radio sets on 27 MHz do not put. There is a separate channel on which regular employees communicate. But there is another - in that a civil range . On it break non-staff correspondents which inform, for example, on failures. Them also suppressed Kakovsky.

- users have a rule: all are equal in an air, - Dmitry tells. - but the rescue Service has appeared a little ravnee and first usurped radio space. I suggested to carry on with them negotiations. Andrey has told that I the betrayer and the spy. Especially when its girl therefrom have expelled. It has declared all war and has found admirers. Wrote down in the computer the request for the help of the person who has had an accident, and repeated it on air of times ten. Rescuers sent each time to this address Fast .

to It everything can come to a head

It has gone balmy. Though documentary it was not reflected anywhere. Has to begin with decided to punish Dmitry. Half a year Andrey is equal every day kept ringing to the spy on house and cellular phones. A day left to 300 times. Simply called and was silent.

- It has appeared that last two years it listened to all my negotiations, - Dmitry continues. - I began to communicate with people on the street payphone.

then has calculated colleague Dmitry Alexey whom on a broader scale never saw. To it kept ringing four months. Spouses Fedechkiny who have forbidden to the son to communicate with the schizophrenic Kakovsky, suffered mockeries of one and a half month. To radio fans - to enemies arranged such dirty trick: by means of self-made priborchika cut into a telephone line a high voltage, and the device in apartment of the offender blew up.

- when we were got by calls, we with Dimoj have gone to Kakovsky home, - tells colleague Alexey . - Only have called at a door as that has jumped out with a gun and has shot at me. Has passed on a tangent. Militias he has explained that I have come to plunder it. It and shot earlier. Went with a daughter in the car. They were cut with a foreign car. Andrey has asked the girl to lower a window, directly through it has thrown a gun and babahnul on the offender. However, rubber bullets.

eventually when he has started to listen actively to phones and to trade zhuchkami Management " has become interested in it; To . Besides equipment deposits, have found a heap of materials on a children`s pornography.

- a leah it is dangerous? - Dmitry argues. - everyone can come to a head to it. At desire, for example, it is capable to hear or block waves Fast and militias.

the aether was pure since spring. Since runaway Kakovsky. And two weeks ago from capital suburb have passed hindrances. Opa, - fans have told. - in any way govnitel has returned . Hindrances were gone.