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Max a background Sjudov: My role - villains, scientists and Russian villains

Ingmar Bergman Favourite actor has promoted in Hollywood, having played and God ( the King of kings ), and the Christ ( the Greatest history ), and the Devil ( Necessary things ) And Expelling devil . My first question to the unique actor in the world, played and God, and line, about its pantophagy.

- frameworks of any one role to me are close, - the background Sjudov has responded. - I like a variety.

- in Hollywood you became an embodiment the wise old man having played a large quantity of such roles. Often you should play scientists, sometimes - scientists - wreckers. And how with a variety?

is truth, I agreed unduly often for such roles. But on the other hand, I the Swede also speak on - anglijski with accent. In Hollywood where do not recognise dubbing-in, I can play only foreigners. And foreigners in their films - more often villains or scientists.

- in 70 - h you have played several more bad Russian guys.

- Too after all foreigners! But bad Russian I have played only once - in a film the Letter from the Kremlin . And in a picture Embassy for example, I have played very good Soviet admiral. In addition I have changed heroes from Ostrovsky and Chekhov`s plays. So business was not limited to Russian villains.

- to that you have learnt at Bergman - not only in professional sense, but also in human?

- It not simply great artist and the director, but also the person, whose influence cannot be avoided, if to you has carried with it to communicate and work. I in a debt to it, and a debt am huge.

- what role at cinema you most of all are proud?

- If it is necessary to choose something one, I will stop, perhaps, on Pelle - the conqueror (a film of the Dane Bill Augusta, received the Golden Palm in Kanne in 1987. - With. T) . It is magnificent history, and a role at me in it excellent. The hero of a film dreams to get to America, but its dream cannot come true.

- but your novel with America has taken place. What would you respond those who considers, what you have sold the talent to Hollywood?

- In Hollywood too sometimes do good films. And barahla and in Europe acts in film much.

the Hero a background of Sjudova - the priest - is going to enter into the house where there lives the girl - a devil.

Max a background Sjudov was born on April, 10th, 1929 in the Swedish city of Ljund. Went to school the Stockholm Royal drama theatre. The first film role has played in 1949 in a film Only mother . Has become famous for work in Ingmar Bergman pictures, including On a life threshold Hour of a wolf Shame the Touch ... Has been invited to Hollywood where has played in a large quantity of pictures, including Konan - the barbarian Never speak never the Dune Hanna and her sisters Vudi Allen. As the director has put a film Katinka .


the Strawberry glade (rezh. Ingmar Bergman);
Ekzorsist (rezh. William Fridkin);
Three days Kondora (rezh. Sidni Pollack);
the Duet for the soloist (rezh. Andrey Konchalovsky);
the Separate opinion (rezh. Stephen Spielberg).

the FILM of WEEK

has become covered by Wool the FOREHEAD MAIDEN

About what there is a speech in Expelling a devil ?

the Known actress nurtures twelve years daughter Rigen. The girl - remarkable, relations in a family - absolutely normal... Only in one awful day round Rigen strange events start to be developed. She will exorcise that not the voice the bed in its room will start to jump up... Further - is worse: the girl starts to blaspheme, cry out wildly obscenities, to fight in spasms. Outwardly it already reminds a live corpse. Doctors are powerless. Here mother starts to think that the daughter, in general, is not sick from the medical point of view: simply in it the ancient, terrible demon, completely to it the managing director was installed. Soon the bed Rigen already had priest, the expert in exorcism...

It is considered that it is one of the most terrible films in the history of cinema. There is a set of messages on faints among spectators during viewing. Besides other, Expelling a devil it was nominated on Oscar and now it is considered the Hollywood classics.


In an operating time over a picture were lost nine persons from a film crew. And once for no reason whatever there was the wild fire which has destroyed a set. Eventually Fridkin has asked priest Thomas Birningema (the adviser of a picture) to spend the certificate ekzortsizma on a set. That has refused, having told that it only nagnetet conditions.

William Fridkin was very cruelly converted with actors. During shootings it could shoot without the prevention from a gun at them behind the back; the chamber fixed reaction of executors. To one actor it nadaval slaps in the face for a second before turning on the camera.

the well-known ecclesiast Billi Grehem declared that in film coils on which the film is shot, the present demon resides.


the Director - William Fridkin.
In roles: Ellen Berstin, Linda Blair, Max a background Sjudov.
NTV, Saturday, 22. 10.