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In the Russian army were gone elephants and spirits *

Sasha in this time became the younger sergeant, at there is timid recruit the command voice was cut, and the senior colleagues name it validly - the Wind . Of service does not complain. More likely to the contrary, admitted to us that to dismissal now tries to go less often - affairs much in division. It ministers in one of parts situated near Moscow, on tankoremontnom factory. About to the citizen the military speciality - " does not reflect yet, but; the repairman of armour - can be useful and behind part collars, as Sashin the father - the mechanic.

an appeal and quarantine

- Most likely, with feeding the first days not all will be fine, especially if it is necessary to go far. Except a mug, a spoon, linen change, take with itself smoked sausage, suhariki, cookies. The natelnyj dagger needs to be removed at once from a chain and to move on a lace. All rings, hours should be left houses. To take better instead of ornaments a payphone map, some envelopes, a paper and the handle. Everything, more is necessary nothing! Anything! The army will provide with everything, even the disposable shaving machine tool. If in a military registration and enlistment office speak, that took the passport, do not take - will be gone, there were such cases. If that, sends to you its registered postal packet.

external appearance

- Boots should be cleaned some times in day, especially if it is occupied on dirty works. Army shoe polish in five-kilogramme banks on a cold dubeet, hammers in a brush. It is better to get a personal jar of shoe polish and a brush, will be problems with service less. Not bad before army to ask mum, that has shown how to sew a rag to a rag (undercollars should be sewn all) or a button to clothes. And so the modern form does not demand special leaving, is erased in the car of times in 2 - 3 weeks, term its socks - eight months.

- In the first days it is better to tell collective less more to listen. Whatever you were on to the citizen abrupt, here it stirs nobody. Once again remembering the civil steepness, you only will acquire to yourself problems. In the first weeks it is necessary to choose a line of conduct. One soldiers gravitate to officers, others - to sergeants - the old-timer. It is already personal choice, I can advise nothing. But, in my opinion, to be better more close to sergeants, in a life it will be easier, but all will not be lovely.

the salary

- the Soldier receives 100 roubles. I, as the commander of branch, - 250, the deputy komvzvoda - 300 roubles.


- Hunger in army is not present, but in the first months I would like some chocolate or cookies, nutlets, dried fruits. To half a year of service of sweets it was ceased to want.

a parcel

- All parcels are checked very carefully. It is necessary to distribute delicacies at once to companions, certainly, without having forgotten and about itself. It is the right line of behaviour. Fat and sausage are withdrawn at examination - it is not necessary. It is better to send to the soldier of good cigarettes.

where to minister

- Now many aspire to get to the Chechen Republic. Who from patriotic reasons who wants the present service with the weapon. The discipline in waring parts is more rigid, dedovshchiny no. From hundred persons of my appeal thirty nine have asked for the Chechen Republic.

when to minister

- I Advise not to run till the spring - to go right now. It is easier - less front in the winter. Instead of it you clean snow. You clean and clean - lafa!

Advice of the skilled sergeant
Crimes and punishments

- At us two basic faults. The first - has got drunk in the dress. Minutes twenty you will march in OZK *** (rubber overalls and a rubber jacket with an almuce) and in a gas mask - at once you will come round. The second - a self-wolf. At us a part educational also it is possible to leave it very far, this question dares for some days. And so, guardrooms in the Russian army are not present more.


- we do not have difficult division: a smell an elephant a scoop the grandfather a demobilisation **. Is young and sergeants. I found out - in many parts the same situation.


* the Smell (it spirit ) - The recruit.
** ranks an elephant a scoop the grandfather and a demobilisation services everyone half a year are appropriated.
*** OZK - Obshchevojskovoj the protective complete set.