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On a cemetery children have found the killed baby in Gagauzii

on April, 30th in a call centre of Chadyr - the Lungsky commissariat of police the telephone message from the inhabitant 42 - summer village Baurchi, 1970 year of birth, that in territory of a rural cemetery children had been found out a package with a corpse of the newborn girl has arrived.

- children played nearby when have found out a terrible find, - the employee has told to us a press - services of Department of Internal Affairs Gagauzii Christina Sary - Terzi . - At survey of a body of the baby it has been established that the child is strangled by a scarf. To the girl only three days from a sort.

the commissariat Staff has been alarmed for carrying out operatively - search actions which proceed and now, for the purpose of an identification of mother and circumstances of the happened.

while criminal case is raised under article « Detoubijstvo ». Department of Internal Affairs Gagaguzii asks all inhabitants of region to pay attention to women, from among acquaintances, neighbours or fellow workers who from them should give birth, however the child has not appeared. Any information which can concern the given incident will be useful to police bodies.