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High water - 2012: the Bryansk rivers are included into the coast

high water Peak on Brjanshchine already has passed. Water in the area rivers began to enter into the coast. Only for days fall has made from 2 to 22 see So, on Desna in line of Bryansk the water level has decreased on 19 sm, and on Bolve – on 22. Under the forecast of Bryansk weather forecasters, on Friday, on May, 4th, on Desna in Bryansk water will decrease to 307 sm, and in Trubchevske to 343 see

the Water level in Desna and Bolve in line of Bryansk on May, 3rd

the River the Water level An exit on I will understand the flooding Beginning the Gain for days
Desna 321 320 sm 350 sm - 19 sm
Bolva 483 370 sm 550 sm - 22 sm

According to GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Bryansk region