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Gang of autothieves have arrested in Vologda with polichnym

inhabitants of Vologda the day before, on May, 2nd, became Witnesses of a scene from the Hollywood insurgent in the evening. Near shopping centre in the street Distant employees of criminal investigation department blocked two cars and have detained five men. From them policemen watched three some days. Two others under distribution have got, when have arrived to buy a stolen antiradar.

As have told to the correspondent « in a press - service of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the Vologda area, opening « Toyota Avensis » in the street Cheljuskintsev, suspects did not know that employees of criminal investigation department observe of them. The company already some times got under suspicion, but every time for a free vacation package for some years to Siberia policemen did not have not enough proofs. Have this time decided to cover all criminal chain — from thieves to buyers of another`s good.

own greed Has brought suspects. To estimate cost stolen, they have come into shop of autospare parts. On an exit they were arrested also by police officers. Field investigators have found the whole arsenal of thieves` adaptations in cars of arrested persons — lomik, bunches of keys and some screw-drivers. Under the version of policemen, men did not disdain also modern technologies. For example, to disconnect the alarm system, men have got where - that the special scanner.

to disconnect the alarm systems suspected even have got the special scanner.
a photo: a press - service UMVD of Russia on the Vologda area

- Arrested persons were real professionals of the business. They could open almost any car for few seconds, - the deputy chief of department of Criminal office of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the Vologda area Vladimir Veresov has told. - basically they chose the cars parked at shops and office buildings. People leave often for some minutes behind purchases and leave in salon valuable things. Having taken away radio tape recorders, purses and the man purses suspected at once disappeared from a place of crimes.

By the way, after detention of the company of autothieves it was found out that one of buyers is in federal search. Sokolskys policemen search for it some years for swindle.

In the car of suspects policemen have found out at once some purses.
a photo: the Press - service UMVD of Russia on the Vologda area

On the first interrogation one of arrested persons admitted at once three thefts. The others repeat that about shop have appeared casually. While they pass on business as witnesses. Field investigators are assured that the list of crimes far not the full. Recently in Cherepovets there were at once some thefts from salons of cars. Crimes in a city of metallurgists one in one are similar to the Vologda. All who has suffered from actions of men, policemen ask to call by phone 02.

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